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Sic Bo

Sic Bo ("few data" sense), is an ancient Chinese game of chance that are played regularly in Southeast Asia, Korea, Australia and Nevada. The Chinese refer to it as Tai Sai or Dai Siu which means "Big Small".

In the Philippines, where he is also very popular, is known as "Hi-Lo." Sic Bo is imported into the United States by Chinese immigrants in the 20th century and is now in the majority of online casinos and land.

He played with three dice, the goal is to guess the numbers or combinations of numbers that appear in the data after the "coup." The chances of dying are just numbers, two boys, three of a kind or a combination of two or three dice. payment of fees and winning combinations are listed in a style roulette table that often turns from below to make the areas available to indicate winning combinations.

To play Sic Bo, players start their Paris on the possible outcomes in the three throws of the dice. When all of Paris is made, it becomes the cup, then placed on the table. Any chance of winning all three dice are lit in the design and scale of 1:1 financial results for the same price, unique in its kind, a trio of 180:1 in particular.

Players can place any number of Paris, Sic Bo table in Paris most common is "large" (the sum of the three dice will be 11 to 17) and "small" (a total of 40 to 10). Paris on other specific totals are three digits (with fees ranging from 5:1 to 50:1), specific combinations of two numbers, or the number of singles in Paris (which pays 1:1, two paid 2: January 3 pays 3:1, and in some casinos three pays as 12:1).

Sic Bo game variations are "Chuck-a-Luck" and "cage", which is normally only in Paris, number one, sometimes with an additional bet that pays about 30:1 to "three times, or is the three dice have the same number. The name "Birdcage" comes from the fact that the device to roll the dice like a metal cage, which rotates around its center. The dealer rotates the cage end over the edge making the nut at the base.

Sic Bo Strategy Guide

There is no way to win every game. When it comes to online gambling with real money, you know you have a pretty good idea of the game not worrying about the little things during the game. When it comes to a game like Sic Bo, the best is how the game works, Paris and how some may have a slight advantage.

The single bet, which is located in the lower left corner of the map, you can bet that none of the data fields 1.6. If you arrive at the amount of fruit of your choice, you are paid 1:1. If data from two plots in the chosen number, you win 2:1. The best part is that if the three ground data fateful number, you win 3:1. The deficit is that the house advantage on this bet is 8%, which is slightly higher than in other games.

The two dice Sic Bo bet, which is at the bottom of the plate can be assumed that two data fields in a combination of number 2, which is expected. Nuts third parties do not play a role in this episode. If you get hit, you get paid 6:1. The house has a 17% during this sequence of Paris.

A trio Paris Sic Bo is placed above the center of the board and lets imagine that all three dice will be completed the same number. This pays 24:1. The house has an advantage of 30% here.

The total of the three dice Sic Bo bet is at the center of the board is a vertical row of numbers, 4-17. This underscores the data add to a number between 4 and 17. The payment varies from 6:1 to 60:1. 10 or 11 has the lowest gain of 6:1 with a house edge of 12.5%. The choice of a total of 9 or 12 correctly, it can be seen at 6:01, with a house edge of 18%, 10 and 11 is a better solution. . The choice of 8 or 13, the payout is 8:1 with a house edge of 12.5% and when you choose a total of 7 or 14, the payout is 12:1, with a house edge 9.7%. 6 or 15 of payout is 17:01, with a house edge of 16.5%. If you choose 5 or 16 results in a payout ratio of 30:1 with a house edge of 13.2%. 4 or 17 payments brings the best of 60:1, but the house edge is 15%.

In Sic Bo bet big or small it is on the left and right can not be predicted that the total of the 3 dice will be "on various subjects. It is a very popular bet because the odds are 1:1. The investment is low when I think the nut of 40 to 10, while the great challenge is when you need a total of between 11 and 17 triples (located in the center of the top of the table) -. requiring that all three dice will land on number one. The odds against him for the 3 dice to land on the chosen number is 215:1. You get a reward of 180:1. The house edge on this bet is around 30%. The advantage the house is approximately 2.5%.

The couple is in the top of the board of the division by half, Sic Bo treble. You have to predict that two of the land data in a single number that you choose. This pays 8:1, but the house edge is 33%. When playing Sic Bo, you have the luxury of advice about your bet. Depends on who you want to take risks. If you want to play it safe, start betting ET 1:01 going to work slowly - depending on who you are in luck.

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