Star Knowledge Speakers



Barton, Almine - a world-reknown healer for whom this is the first incarnation on Mother Earth. She has been quietly assisting select circles of Advanced Lightworkers. She was recently instructed by Spirit to share her Ascension information, mystery school instructions and spiritual healings with the general public. For many years Lightworkers ( including internationally-known healers) from around the world have been directed by Spirit to her home for their own healing and to experience the miracles that surround her work. In her ;first public appearance at the Star Visions Conference in New Mexico, most of the audience followed her out of the conference hall when she finished speaking. She then gave over 100 spiritual healings.


Bell, Dr. Fred - Learn how to build your immune system and how to alter your DNA structure and raise your consciousness. DNA is your body’s blueprint, replicated time and again in every living cell to produce healthy tissue, organs, systems, and biological reproduction. Successful functioning of the DNA requires proper nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals. A lack of any of these elements deeply stresses your immune system, causing susceptibility to diseases such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria, AIDS, e-coli, as well as DNA mutation, birth defects, and cancerous diseases. In his lecture, Dr. Bell stresses the importance of building a powerful immune system and raising consciousness via DNA modification and cellular transition.


 Berry, Rod Bear Cloud - The Star Nation People first came to Rod when he was 6, in the way of a vision. Recently Rod was gifted with being able to see and interpret Star Nation drawings (crop circles) in the fields of England, where he presented inner understandings of some of the more complex pictographs. These encoded drawings have within them hidden spiritual messages. The symbols will clarify our understanding of ourselves and the Great Mystery, and can bring about healing and connection to the Earth Mother and All There Is. Bear Cloud is Osage and Welsh, and is an accomplished artist who began painting at the age of six. His work is shown in his own gallery in Sedona, at Tlaquepaque. His paintings have a powerful emotional and spiritual impact that connects us to the spirit-world, nature, and man. Eagles soar through his magnificent sky-scapes, rays of light beam a blessing on the vast plains, the trees, the animals and waters, and the Cloud People tell their story. Bear Cloud’s paintings are shown throughout the United States and the world.


 Bethune, Graham - Commander Graham Bethune is a retired Navy Pilot. During his 26 years of active duty he qualified in over 100 different models of aircraft. He served 6 years as a test pilot with the Naval bureau of Aeronautics, flying Naval transports for 12 years and holds a Navy "VIP-Transport Plane Commanders Rating." He has flown the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Brazilian Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Supreme Allied Commander (NATO Commander) Lynde McCormick who relieved General Eisenhower when he became president. His presentation will include Life in our Solar System and our Moons, the Great Pyramid, the Subterranean Civilization, Mount Shasta, and Admiral Byrd, his encounter, and the UFO cover-up, why they are here and the Mars probe. 

Updated bio - Graham Bethune - is a retired Navy Pilot. During his 26 years of active duty he qualified in over 100 different models of aircraft. He served 6 years as a test pilot with the Naval bureau of Aeronautics, flying Naval transports for 12 years and holds a civilian "Aitline Transport Pilots Rating", is a "Quiet Birdman". He has flown the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Brazilian Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Supreme Allied Commander (NATO Commander Lynde McCormick who relieved General Eisenhower when he became president.) February 5, 1951 he and two other naval pilots were next to Keflovic, Iceland on a secret mission to meet with the Icelandic Governement and Lockheed Overseas who managed the airport, February 10, 1951, while piloting a four engined Navy Transport from Keflavic, Iceland to Argentia, Newfoundland, they had an 8 minuteencounter with an "Unidentified Flying Object" that was 300 feet in diameter. The first chapter of major Keyhoe’s book :Flying Saucers Top Secret" is devoted to this famous encounter. 

His presentation will include

  1. Life in our solar system and our Moons
  2. The great Pyramid
  3. The subterranean Civilization, Mount shasta and Admiral Byrd.
  4. His encounter and the UFO cover-up
  5. Why they are here and the mars probe.

He will show slides of "Close Encounters" of the "Third Kind" that will make your attendance worthwhile.


Bielek, Al - Survivor of the infamous Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. Al also participated in the Montauk Project in 1976-1983 and other secret government projects. Born in 1916 as Edward Cameron and as a Naval Officer from 1939 to 1947 his identity was changed in 1949 to Al Bielek with all the consequent destruction to his family life and career. His story is one you don’t want to miss.


Binder, Bettye B. - author of "Past Life Regression Guidebook", "Discovering Your Past Live and Dimensions" and "Past Lives, Present Karma". Betty has lectured for the Whole Life Expo on a national tour for 12 years. She is currently speaking for the San Francisco Whole Life Expo and is an Expo favorite in the major events in the East Bay.


Black Elk, Wallace - known as "Grandfather" to all the Nations of the world. After Wallace visited the Great Pyramids of Egypt, he gained startling knowledge from the ancient "Masters of Egypt,"—the message for all mankind. Today, he walks and shares this knowledge passed to him by his Grandmothers and Grandfathers.


Blue Elk Chief - Glen Drapeau is the second on of Eagle Pipe Man. He is a ceremonial singer and helper at the present time. He holds teachings of the Seven Rites of the Sacred Canupa


Bolta Charles - In ancient times, the medicine man or healer would choose a sacred space before engaging in spiritual practices or simply before going to sleep. Our environment today has changed drastically. Today our space, homes and even the earth itself are subjected to E.M.F. interference that disrupts our brain wave activity commonly called mind chatter and biological functions. I this workshop we will uncover and measure electromagnetic waves and demonstrate their influence on R.E.M., sleep patterns, circadian cycles and effects on spiritual levels. Also we will uncover Geopathic energy lines, safe lighting and ways you can make your environment a sacred space. Many people have said that after they had cleared their homes it’s like going camping. Mr. Bolta is an internationally known lighting expert and environmental consultant. He has worked on projects for Disneyland, General Mills, Sears and others. Mr. Bolta has lectured on EMF’s at universities, hospitals. Conferences and churches. He was the President of American Lighting, Inc., and has been working on electromagnetics since 1973. Presently, Mr. Bolta is CEO of American Environmental Products, the designer and manufacturer and holds patents on many products.


Bongiovanni, Georgio - Stigmata phenomenon, Giorgio speaks on Fatima Prophecies and his experiencing of the appearance of Christ. Giorgio Bongiovanni is the Italian stigmatis of Fatima. His experience of stigmatist began on September 2, 1989, in a Portugese town. He was called there by a female luminous being who had appeared to him on his way home from work. She promised she would give him a sign for all humanity in Fatima. Once there, he fell into ecstasy and saw the same being come out of a globe of light and speak to him. She delivered to him a message for humanity and, as promised, gave him a physical sign of such contact – two rays of light from her hands struck his hands, piercing them, forming two holes from which blood was flowing. During this contact, the Being, as well as revealing to Giorgio the Secret of Fatima, confirmed to him that the Universe is abundant with intelligent life and that men from other planets are visiting the Earth, coming with highly advanced disc-shaped craft. Two years later, during a contact with Jesus, he was again stigmatized, this time on his feet. On May 28, 1992, he was stigmatized on his left side, and on July 16, 1993, on his forehead. Since 1989, Giorgio has been bleeding daily and has direct contact with Jesus during these bleedings. Giorgio was not unprepared for such experiences. Since 1979, he had been raised and prepared by Eugenio Siraguso, a Sicilian man famous for his direct contacts with spiritual beings from a higher dimension. These contacts started in 1952, when their first message was for scientists and heads of state. The spiritual ones asked that the scientists and heads of state stop the nuclear experiments in the atmosphere and underground, and asked that humanity on Earth live in peace, justice and brotherhood.


Boylan, Richard Ph. D. - A behavioral scientist, university lecturer in Psychology, certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher. He provides hypnotherapy for increased health, reduction of stress and pain, habit change, and for exploring past personal events and life. Dr. Boylan is a consultant to persons exploring extraterrestrial encounters and other anomalous experiences, and assists individuals seeking inner growth and spiritual development. Since 1989 Dr. Boylan has conducted research into extraterrestrial-human encounters. He has presented papers on his research at the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study conference, and at the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference in Washington, D.C. He is author of three books: Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), Labored Journey to the Stars (1996), and Project Epiphany (1997). He has over 35 articles published. Dr. Boylan has conducted numerous workshops for mental health professionals on the specialized counseling for experiencers of ET contact. He is on the Board of Directors of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) Inc., a federally-recognized nonprofit educational and research organization. He has lectured widely at regional and national conferences, and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including NBC’s "Sightings" twice, Paramount Television Network’s "Paranormal Borderline," and three times on Art Bell’s "Dreamland" program. HIS CURRENT SPECIALITY IS CHANNELING JOHN WAYNE.


 Brown, Courtney - author, lecturer. June 1996 lecture, Wagner, S.D. - "Cosmic Voyage: The Scientific Link Between ET’s and Consciousness." Courtney Brown, PhD discussed the substance of his most recent results using scientific remote viewing to investigate extraterrestrial life and the UFO phenomenon. Much of this lecture was an update and expansion of his analysis presented in his book Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth (1996). Dr. Brown focused on the greys and the Martians, presentng details of his remote viewing analyses and corroborative information from other remote viewers and discussing diplomatic necessities required for humans to begin to openly communicate with extraterrestrials. He also focused on the importance of humans discovering and exploring using tools of consciousness (rather than only physical/technological tools) and described how scientific remote viewing is taught at The Farsight Institute of Atlanta, Georgia. Lastly, he outlined how the accuracy of the data is evaluated.


Browne-Miller, Angela - author, lecturer, and a recognized authority on psychological, educational and social issues. Her areas of expertise include crises, transition, grieving/death, child development, women’s issues, workplace performance, addiction and fitness. She holds two masters degrees (social, welfare and public health) and two doctorates (social welfare and education) from the University of California at Berkley. In addition to extensive graduate education, she holds undergraduate degrees in Literature and in Biology. As a seminar leader and Psychotherapist, Dr. Angela Browne-Miller has instructed several thousand students and patients in lifestyle, cognitive and spiritual change. She is especially interested in a person’s relationships to personal power to affect self-esteem, performance and health. One of Dr. Browne-Miller’s recent book. "Learning to Learn" develops her theories of the realization of human potential.

Lecture, June 13, 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "Ancient Methods of Healing Modern Ills" - The Condor of the South and Eagle of the North meet again—bearing the Phoenix—the antidote to the Omega Point: Transcending apocalypse consciousness. With the mounting global awareness of environmental, economic and political complications and stressors – and with every major religion of the world predicting some form of apocalypse or cataclysm of global proportions coming sometime in the next 30 years – and with the turn of the millennium at hand – apocalypse consciousness is permeating the thinking of many humans. Inspired by what she is being shown by extra dimensional intelligences and by the voices that have guided her in writing her recent books, Omega Point and Embracing Death, Dr. Browne-Miller asks and answer questions such as: Where does apocalypse consciousness come from: Are we receiving transmissions from off-planet intelligences? What is it they want us to know? Why do they want us to know? Are they all in agreement? What does such a transmission into our consciousnesses mean? What are the ways we can choose to interpret this awareness? Does the apocalypse have to happen? How can we transcend the apocalyptic state of mind? How can the Earth transcend the apocalypse? How can we use this knowledge to heal our bodies, our psyches, our souls – to heal our lives? What ancient methods of healing modern ills are available to us today?


Cameron, Alexander Duncan - emphasizes the power of choice in the evolution of self and is about the resolution of pain and fear into awareness and presence.


Campo, Carlos del - Ph.D., security consultant, former intelligence officer, special forces and Miami police, speaks about goverment UFO involvement, his trips to 3 areas: Los Alamos, Area 51 and ? (don't remember). Says he's had conversations with active operatives but keeps their names confidential. Says he's had CE 1 CE 2 & CE 3 and lives in Miami. Knows about UFO things going on in El Yunque forest in Puerto R and belongs to several esoteric organizations.


 Cannon, Delores - considers herself a regressionist and psychic researcher who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of "Lost" knowledge. Dolores has become, perhaps, the world’s most unlikely expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus. A retired Navy wife from Huntsville, Arkansas, USA, Dolores was nearly 50 years old when she began experimenting with hypnosis and past-life regression. The results were, to say the least, quite spectacular! Working through several different vehicles (subjects),Dolores was able to establish communication with the living Michel De Notredame, better known as the prophet, Nostradamus. His revelations and their impact on our own time are both fascinating and at times frightening. Dolores has written three volumes of "Conversations with Nostradamus", the series on the translation of Nostradamus’ Quatrains. This series contains the translation of almost 1000 prophecies, all interpreted for the first time. During the past 10 years Dolores has been a UFO investigator, using her skills as a regressionist to help people that had been involved in abduction cases. She has written several books on the UFO information volunteers have revealed while under hypnosis. In addition to the three volumes of "Conversations with Nostradamus", Dolores has completed: "The Legend of Starcrash", "Keepers of the Garden", "Legacy from the Stars", "A Soul Remembers Hiroshima", "They walked with Jesus", "Jesus and the Essenes" and "Between Death and Life".

Other books dealing with more of her most interesting hypnosis cases are forthcoming.

Dolores has been touring in the USA, England, Europe, the Former Soviet countries and Australia to promote her works, and to discuss her particular brand of psychic research with radio and television audiences worldwide. She has spoken at Whole Life Expos in Los Angeles, New York and San Diego; Global Science Congress; A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Foundation; Conscious Living Expo in Australia; The College of Psychic Studies in London and many other organizations. Articles by/about Dolores have appeared in several magazines including: Body, Mind & Spirit; Connecting Link; Kindred Spirit (an England Magazine); People Magazine (an Australian Magazine); Conscious Living Magazine (an Australian Magazine) and the Washington Post. Dolores has appeared on TV Specials including: "A Current Affair" (in Australia); BBC Documentary Series "Divine Magic"; "Ancient Mysteries of the World" (a 2-hour special on CBS); "Ancient Prophecies I", "Ancient Prophecies II" (two 2-hour specials on NBC); "Encounters" (a 1-hour special on Fox Network); "Good Day LA" (in California); "Mysteries, Magic and Miracles" (Sci-Fi Channel); "Marilu Talk Show" (ABC); "Biography"(Series on A&E Channel); "America After Hours"(CNBC); and has been interviewed on "CNN International Entertainment News".


Cachora, Tezlcazi Guitimea - Mr. Kachora is a highly respected elder and spiritual leader for the Yaqui nation, from Sonora, Mexico. Born in approximately 1912, he learned the ways of the medicine plants from his father and grandfather, who traveled and were friends with Sitting Bull. Mr. Kachora is a Nahaul (a man of knowledge). As a child, he witnessed certain spacecraft entering subterranean openings in Mexico.

Kachora: My name is Kachora Guitimea. I was born on El Rio Yaqui more than eighty years ago. My father, Javali, was what we in the Yaqui world call "a man of knowledge" or sometimes a "Nagual" or, what I prefer, a "doctor del campo" [a country doctor].

The beginning of my story comes from around 1500 AD when the Spaniards came, when the different civilization came with its new language, new religion of Christianity and foreign customs. Everything natural in the Yaqui world began to become distorted then. The Conquistadors were very aggressive and enslaved the Yaqui. We were then a very natural people without any defenses or protection. So, because of this oppression, the Yaqui sacred knowledge was hidden carefully . . . this was true throughout Mexico . . . it continued only in secret oral and family tradition, within the seven sacred lineages in order to preserve it. Thus, this ancient wisdom only existed inwardly and secretly from the 1500s until today. Now that cycle of obscurity is ending. It is time again for this ancient sacred knowledge to emerge in order to help lead people back to the spiritual and natural way of life.

I collect plants and sometimes eat cactus or rattlesnake. I love nature and like to live in nature. Finding my center in nature has given me the gift to heal others and to walk the Path to the Infinite.

This is rooted in my past and from birth. It is the knowledge that is passed from father and mother to son. This is a very old science. These teachings are rooted within the special, and rather hidden, priest lineages that have been from ancient times, through this century, integral with Yaqui culture, spiritual life and knowledge. The oral tradition dates back to 2,000 BC.

Before there was no guidance. Now there is some guidance so I can share my knowledge of Nature. I have found many people who are interested in my knowledge.

The bad conditions of the world can be changed radically if peoples’ attitude changes towards Nature becomes respectful.

The place that you start is with Plants. There is a Plant Medicine for every possible imbalance – physical, emotional and mental. This is the heart of natural healing. If the imbalance is too great, then the western, surgical methods apply, which is the brother or sister of the Plants.

Plants give energy. They are living things full of energy of many kinds. They are filled with information and knowledge. It is possible to listen to a Plant in such a way that this knowledge is imparted to one and assists one. Each plant has its spirit of energy for good health.

With the knowledge of my Plants, I am able to heal people. With my brothers, my land brothers, brothers of my race (I like to relate to the Yaqui community), I collect Plants and sell them. I relate to the Plants.

Spirituality is concentration. It is from this focus of the Spirit that all health comes. There is only one Great Spirit. It is like the soul – the one who heals, the Great Spirit, the Divine. It is Chamahua. I merge with Chamahua so he can help me to help the ill person and find and use the right plants.

The first day I was born an animal called Cachora came out of the tree and a soup was made of it. I have eaten turtle soup and snake, sometimes raw, but mostly I am a vegetarian. This is best. I eat roots of plants and I have no vices. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I like to go into the mud and I do exercises, everything that is natural.

The first aspect of the Spiritual path is purification – mentally, emotionally and physically. There was an ancient round building with a pyramidal top like the Hopi "Kiva" called "Sozmee." This was a place for this purification practice. Each soul who participates in this cleansing with Grandfather Fire in the "Sozmee" will have an illumination of the Infinite, and his life will change positively. The Four Winds will clean the soul of all sins. This soul has to be purified by fasting and by changing one’s living habits with a continual search for the Light. With this, Mother Earth takes care of healing all that is bad or waste and makes it disappear forever.

I meditate on the image of the Sacred Triangle with the colors of the Seven Forces. Concentrating on this Triangle carries one through the point of assemblage – "punto de encage" – and, through gradual effort of practice, to an experience of the Infinite.

First one must focus with one’s eyes open and be able to hold this for more than an hour. It is not easy, but can be gradually done. This purifies one’s accumulation of obscured energy, both conscious and unconscious. This comes from my mother’s tradition.

My mother was born in Chiapas. Her lineage comes from Asia. I received from her the secrets of the lost Toltec temples. She told me of the source of the Father of Fire, the Sacred Fire, the Sacred Volcano hidden under the Mother Earth. I learned from her the secrets of her writings and the secret signs, the sacred "Sozmee."

The Sacred Fire purifies the spirits of all ill people. The person who deals with Sacred Fire must also be one who knows the nature of the Plants or he is not a true shaman or nagual. He is not qualified to lead a ceremony around the Sacred Fire of the "Sozmee" or "Temescal," the Sweat Lodge. He should have knowledge of Medicinal Plants and of Nature and should know how to prepare the essence of sacred incense and perfume. This is what has been passed down from my mother and my father.

Through fasting, through the sweat lodge, and through concentrating on the Sacred Triangle. Also, those interested must share some time with a man of knowledge. One must learn about the good plants and the bad plants. The purification is all of the spirit, it helps the person to follow the right way and gets rid of all things wrong with the body and soul. One must change one’s life so that it reflects and transmits the Divine Way to Chamahua.

Human beings have gone too far out of balance and forgotten their closest friends and allies, the Plants. What are you breathing? Oxygen. Where does oxygen come from? The Plants! It is through the Plants and from Nature that we are guided to the Infinite, to Chamahua. Nature is the "good spirit" that guides us and shows us the harmony and balance to follow in order to enter the Path of the Infinite. Follow this path and all life prospers. You will attain the ultimate realization.


Cerdan, Susan - "Mission Planet Earth-The Contactees" - "We are spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe of light and energy, on the fringe of discovering the multidimensionality of the universe and of our own beings". Susan Sunset

The Florida UFO Research & Study Group was founded in 1992, in Vero Beach, Florida by Susan "Sunset" Cerdan. After a significant UFO sighting in Acapulco, Mexico in 1966, Susan acquired an unquenchable thirst for information concerning UFOs. By 1992 she had collected large amounts of important data for people like herself, who were trying to understand why UFOs had become the biggest cover-up of this century. In her investigation she found evidence not only that we are not alone in the universe, but that one out of every eleven Americans has seen a UFO and, that there are over 10,000 reported sightings a year. Furthermore, select people throughout the world and throughout time have been contacted by benevolent, extraterrestrial races from different planets throughout our own galaxy and throughout the universe.

Contactees such as: Daniel Fry, Billy Meier, Sixto Paz Wells, Carlos Diaz, Howard Menger, Elizabeth Klarer, George Adamski, Truman Bethurum, and many others worldwide, have authored books about their experiences and presented photographs, film and other solid evidence of their encounters to government officials and to the general public. The goal of the FURST Group is to form a UFO Museum, book and video store, library and gift shop, as an educational center to help the general public understand our purpose here and our gradual integration toward being a part of an intergalactic community.

A quote from Susan: "There is undeniable evidence that we are being visited by more evolved souls from greater technological civilizations who are monitoring our progress as a young planet".


 Coldwell, Jeret - Gerrett’s memory was activated August 4, 1991. He was in a deep state of meditation and for approximately two days he journeyed through his past lives and experienced a higher dimension through raised vibrations. Remembrance of spiritual responsibilities which he had committed to prior entering into the third dimension were once again accepted, and are now being carried out. He was instructed to aid others as an open channel allowing Star Ancestors to work through him, and activate the memory of those in need of their guidance on the return path to the stars.  (Wicahpe Tosa Wicasa) -In 1991 Jerod was contacted and given information by star people The Old Ones. For two days he was shown his past, present and future. At this time he was given the choice to remain in the spiritual dimension or return to earth. The Old Ones asked him to bring messages about the path of ascension to Creator through The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation ( Maka Wichape Wicohan ). Upon his return from The Old Ones he spent 2 years in solitude learning the messages. He has been working with Native American elders and strictly follows Dakota tradition-the way of the pipe( canupa).Messages from The Old Ones (council of 12) and The Universal and Spiritual Laws will help guide the planet into The Age of The Coyote-also known as The Age of Aquarius.


 Collier, Alex - author of Defending Sacred Ground and a contactee for the Andromedan Star People. The Andromedan dimension carries a very high frequency that is almost beyond human comprehension. Mr. Collier is noted for giving direct and to-the-point messages for any audience that wishes to listen.


 Dean, Jeannie – Wisconsin poet/dancer is recognized for her evocative choreography and thought provoking poetry performances. As a speaker her dynamic presentation style brings lively energy to conferences, special events and workshops. Her poetry explores gender issues including sexual abuse, feminism, and female archetypes; political issues such as the assassination of John Kennedy and the evolution of human consciousness, with a focus on personal realization and empowerment. Her writing explores these themes from both a universal and intimate perspective.


Dean, Robert - recognized international messenger who bridges gaps of information and clarifies the existence of ET’s, based on a military level. Working with the military system for over 40 years, Retired Major Dean voices his experiences and concerns for Mankind and the future of Mother Earth. Lecture, June 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "The Time Has Come: The Greatest Story of All Time Must Now Be Told." Topics included: Robert’s 27-year military career and a subsequent 14-year career in Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness; proof of old interrelationships between the human race and advanced extraterrestrial intelligence; a brief history of the UFO materials throughout world history; a modern update of military involvement, especially the NATO/SHAPE Study of 1961-1964 titled "An Assessment"; the importance of public involvement and understanding of the earth-shaking implications for humanity; the need for Americans to re-claim their Constitution and to bring their elected representatives to task for ignoring the reality of ET/Earth relationship and allowing non-elected and non-representative security authorities to make public policy affecting the entire world.


Drapeau, Galen " Deer Man"- Medicine Man of the Dakota Ihunktowan Band of South Dakota.


Egan, Jane - the Pleiadian Mother ship provided Jane with a whole new outlook on the lives we live on planet Earth. She will explain what the Pleiadians are doing to help Mankind on Mother Earth. Since we have been "Seeded from the Stars" we need an entirely new philosophy once we realize "We are NOT ALONE on Planet Earth." She will highlight the missions of those who attend this gathering, and that we have a continuing responsibility, even after it comes to a close.


Elms, Laurie Ann - While attending the Star Visions conference in Estes Park, Colorado in 1996, Laurie Ann spontaneously developed her artistic ability. Her spiritual art consists of geometry patterns and mysterious languages and symbols. Through art and inspired writings, she expresses unknown patterns and languages, allowing each individual to interpret what they see on a mind, heart, and soul level. Laurie Ann invites you to experience her art and to have the messages contained within express themselves to you.


Escamilla, Jose - has produced three video presentations about "RODS". These are entities, or other natural occurrences that are taking place around us. He is currently working on the fourth. He has brought this subject to a national level and he is still devoted and committed to secure answers that Science cannot deliver.


Flor, Chelsea - Chelsea Flor has been a student of esoteric doctrine ,metaphysics and mysticism for over twenty-five years. She has piloted classes of instruction for the development of "Consciousness and Energy" in "Way of the Ancient Science of Initiation". Her dedication is to empower man with the tools of the "initiate" through the Natural Law of Sonic Structure and Esoteric Geometry of the Dimensional Worlds. Chelsea is a writer and researcher who has worked on a number of television and video projects, including "Mysteries of the Sphinx" and "The Roswell Decalouge". She was also the publisher and editor of "Third Eyes Only, Top Secret".


 Forgione, Adriano Biography I was born in Naples (Italy) on 5 August 1966. In 1987, I gained a qualification in electrical engineering. In the 1995, I gained a Diploma in "Politic Sciences" in the University "Federico II" of Napoli. I am a journalist and have been editor-in-chief of the two leading Italian magazines on ufology, UFO Networkî and ìDossier Alieniî for over three years. I previously worked as a freelance journalist in the ufological field. In Italy, more than 150 articles I have written have been published, and as staff co-ordinator and writer, I contributed to the creation of an encyclopaedia about UFOs called ìUFO Dossier Xî, published in Italy and Spain which is made up of 70 editions and 35 videotapes. I take part in the foremost European and Italian conferences, and am often a guest on national television networks. My articles have been published in Italy (UFO Network and Dossier Alieni), England (The Quest), Hungary (Szines UFO), Brazil (Revista UFO) and Spain (Mas Alla). Some of my research was published in the book ìBeyond Roswellî, by Michael Hesemann and Philip Mantle (1997, Marlowe & Company), which was also published in the USA. Also, the Mexican researcher, Jaime Maussan, included me in a video-documentary called ìRoswell, El Secreto y la Evidenciaî (Roswell, the Secret and the Evidence), published in 1997 in all Spanish-speaking countries. Many internet sites have posted my interview with Monsignor Corrado Balducci on UFOs, in particular, Jeff Renseís Sightings site which posted it in June this year. I am in contact with a lot of international ufologists. I have been interested in the ufological phenomenon and palaeoastronautics for fifteen years and have come to be considered as one of the leading names in national ufology. My field is spiritual research where, with ufology as my base, I try to understand the meaning of contact with other intelligences who, since a forgotten past, have been supervising the evolution of this species in line with comic laws. I am currently writing a book on Crop Circles based on a five-year study of the symbolism that these show and which allows the interpretation of an articulated and complex message aimed at modern man, but projected towards a future world. The book already has a Spanish editor, although no contract has yet been drawn up. Introduction to my talk on Crop Circles This is a presentation of my talk on the Crop Circles message. It is made up of more than 50 slides in an explanatory tour that clarifies how the message evolved and what these intelligences want to tell us. This is the first time that so much information has been put together. This is the fruit of five years of research on symbols with the help of texts that were specific and expert in different types of symbolism. The talk is a great success in Italy. The message is for everyone and I would be happy if I could reach all those who want to hear it. This is the most extreme attempt that our cosmic brothers and masters are making to prompt us to an awareness of who we are, what we could become and what our future will be. The Crop Circles phenomenon is characterized by two different components. The first is the scientific component, represented by the manifestation of the different formations on the ground using energy fields, which can in part be measured using the genetic changes caused to the ears of corn. The second component can be classified as "mental or psychic", and is represented by the message and the purpose of the whole phenomenon. I decided to take an interest in this second component as it is the first exclusive perquisite of scientists. Every symbol that the intelligences responsible for the phenomenon have stamped on the ground has a precise meaning. This started in 1991, the year when we saw a movement away from simple circles to more complex formations which can be linked directly to some types of symbolism. I have divided this symbolism into five different categories:
1) esoteric and Masonic symbolism
2) symbolism of lost ancient civilizations
3) American Indian symbolism
4) fractal and mathematical symbolism
5) legible modern-day writing (only one case, but an extremely important one) or ancient languages.
A fundamental part of this message hinges on the "Father Sun" who watches over man’s journey in the way of the spirit in observance with the Creator’s "Universal Plan" that man must follow on his life’s path. The message hinges on the spiritual rebirth of a new world which will rise from the ashes of the present one. The theme of Rebirth of man and the Earth is focused on several times by the Circlemakers". This is what all the ancient traditions state when they speak of resurrection. This is the core of the message that the Circlemakers are communicating to us. It is a message that hinges on the concept of rebirth. By working more on ourselves, through the development of the dormant "prana" energies in us, the Circlemakers seem to be telling us that we will be able to generate a new Earth, a new world that is more balanced and harmonious. If we succeed we will be able, as mankind, to reopen the door to the starsî, return to the cosmos and find our true origins. These are the origins of a race created in a living universe, which man seems to be a miniature reflection of. A microcosm in a macrocosm. A genetic fingerprint of a cosmic nature, which is still hidden in our DNA today. We are intermediaries between microcosm and macrocosm and we will realise this, but only after an event which should change the course of our history, communicated in the same way too. The future will confute or confirm this. I personally believe that the Crop Circles phenomenon represents the noblest expression of communication by these beings (who are certainly very spiritually advanced) in order to stimulate the energies in each one of us, so much so that there are continuous group meditations inside the formations during the summer. Moreover, their positioning which corresponds to the ley lines, the energetic lines of the Earth, could be a function of the message itself which is hidden in the phenomenon. It is an act which aims both to rebalance the planetary dysfunctions caused by human actions (greenhouse effect, hole in the ozone layer, blips in the magnetic field due to nuclear experiments, etc.) and to rebalance peopleís energies in order to improve them. It is not just chance that the Hopi call the Earth "Mother" and man "Son".


Gillentine, Julia Loar - Julia Loar Gillentine had her first conscious experience with a multidimensional being at age six when she nearly died from German Measles. A Hummingbird woke her, and she saw an angel at the foot of the bed who told her she would recover. The next forty years of her life were filled with strange encounters, paranormal experiences and journeys to other dimensions. Her first book Messengers, is a chronicle of past life memories, ancient teachings and prophecy. Her new book Sacred Sky...on earth as it is in heaven, explores the relationship between ancient star lore, UFO’s and humanities stellar destiny, revealing ancient astronomical alignments at megalithic sites around the world. 

Lecture - An introduction to Galactic Astrology, deep space archetypes and the rediscovery of humanities true origins and purpose on planet Earth - - an invitation to reclaim out true selves and return to the stars. Julia’s message is a personalized call to action for spiritual warriors.


Jose Garcia - Author, Acupuncturist and Professor. Also considered mystic and expert in all esoteric traditions of Rosicrucianism, Freemansonry, Kaballah, Martinism, Sufism, Buddhism and a leading international speaker. Explored Tibet, Egypt, Israel,India and is an "Impressive" professional "Astrologer" with true foundations in all mystical paths. His hermetic knowledge has contributed to many TV & radio programs and is a guiding light to many students unveiling the occult mysteries! Jose has been initiated among the deepest esoteric arcane schools and his fascinating journal is documented with a perplexing variety of spiritual experience. He emerged as the leading international speaker for all Orders and it is said that he has "visionary" "telepathic" guidance from the Masters with amazing wisdom and revelations! Jose is a native from Puerto Rico, knows the Sanscrit language and is recognized as a Ufologist, Egyptologist and Spiritual Yogi from the Orient. Has achieved the highest form of "Enlightenment" with deep esoteric wisdom and is capable of restoring health and wellbeing to benefit individuals. Jose Garcia is prolific and authentic, making him an impressive personality in any metaphysical circle. Jose has been closely bound with the Dalai Lama and has had secret meetings with the Vatican and related mysteries.


Goodman, Judy - is one of the most gifted people of our time! Since birth she seesand hears the "other side", the "spirit side" on a FULL-TIME basis.When she sleeps, she is almost always out of body, fully conscious, and returns to her body will full memory. She is in contact with the otherside on a 24 hour basis. Some supporters have described her as "beyondEdgar Cayce".She does not channel, go into trance, or make adjustments to use her is with her continually. Judy can access information in anamazing variety of ways...some of which are by a photo, object, voice,video images, and also by waking visions while talking to "spirits" onthe other side, and much more.From her own personal experiences Judy can discuss life after death,angels, ghosts, the deceased, ET intelligence, future events, miracles, difficult life issues, dreams, addiction, possession, souls, heaven, andall manner of paranormal events. She has a warm and common touch, asouthern accent, a delightful sense of humor and a way of communicatingthat reaches all levels of understanding.


Dee Grover - Dee comes as a new voice, expressly to assist in spreading the feminine energy of Amma, of the 7th Ray of Ceremony, Magic, and Celebration for the "Renaissance of Light." After many lifetimes of that special connection and with this gathering, Dee continues to create and participate in Ceremony and Celebration for this area as she did at Unity Village, MO. A healing energy flows through her dancing, and her poetry and prose offer the beauty, vision, and love of an ancient soul. This mystic's only known background is that she comes from La Cuidad de los Angeles, (City of the Angels,) allowing her a special grace and wisdom to offer a bridge honoring and uniting diverse traditions, cultures, people, and ideas. A mystical experience of seeing everything connected also led to the founding of "A Sense of Life" as a "living philosophy."

"The "critical mass" has been reached, and now we lightworkers need only to come together to celebrate that awareness as we continue to honor each other and to spread the Light into the New Millennium."--Dee

Dee Grover - Dance of the Sacred, Writer, Speaker, Program Innovator was born on the Mojave Desert in California, and grew up in what was then a beautiful Northern California area which gave her a love of the land and ocean, making Chief Seattle's wonderful comments understandable. She grew up as an adopted only child with no known heritage or ethnic background, which allowed her to see differently and more spiritually than many. She has studied philosophy, drama and dance and have used that background in many of her pursuits. Dee Studied 10 yrs. with Founder of the Church of Spiritual Light, Rev. Marie Culp Refior and at Unity Village. She studied with Rocco Erico, who writes columns and book about the Aramaic Language and the Eastern culture and who spent 10 yrs. with Lamsa, who translated The Bible from the Aramaic.

 Dance Training Etc.: San Francisco Ballet Instructor and at Mills College. Dances of Universal Peace, including "Dancing with the Aramaic Jesus," at Milwaukee and Kansas City, MO. Choreographer and Dancer of Sacred Contatas. Creator of Sacred Energy Prayer Dances, combining ballet's grace with a t'ai chi like energy flow. Presented as Walworth County WI Area Churches and Kansas City, MO plus Unity Village.

 Speaker: "A Sense of Life" Leader 8 yrs. of Community/Campus Leaders and discussed aspects of program and its projects with community and area groups. Sermon topics include Sacred Dance, Aramaic and Dances of Universal Peace, and "A Twentieth Century Esther".

 Writer: Poetry, "Seeing Differently: Spiritual Risk-Taking" (July '99 New Avenues) Articles on spirituality and the many facets of "A Sense of Life" speeches and projects. Program Innovator: Creator of "A Sense of Life," a unique program bring together community and campus leaders. The Proclamation states: "WHEREAS, The City of Whitewater wishes to acknowledge and support a community-wide involvement which fosters positive attitudes about life and to assist in learning more about alienation/suicide prevention issues" and "acknowledges the importance of saying "We Care." The logo in the red and yellow colors of the phoenix shows the sun and its rays breaking through, an image appropriate for this special time of "Miracles" Dee wants began her involvement with "The Gathering of Miracles" by dancing the sacred energy prayer dance "Touch Through Me" which she feels would be appropriate as part of the opening on Friday. She also offered to do two others. One "Make Me An Instrument" from the prayer of St. Francis and the other the hymn "On Eagles Wings".

She proposes the following for workshops:

 Saturday: "Creating Community and Planetary Change Through Spiritual Risk-Taking." Stories from my own creation of "A Sense of Life," a unique community/campus program focusing on celebration and getting information out concerning alienation issues plus Sharing Our Stories. Includes: Specific steps and handouts for using "A Sense of Life" as a guide and/or creating your own community program. Also focuses on looking at and sharing individual strengths, sometimes hidden ones, and how they allow for spiritual risk-taking.

 Sunday: "Tuning In To Aramaic (The Language of Jesus) and Dance Movements As Aspects of the Enlightenment of the Sacred Spiral."

 Note: I find Aramaic to have a sound similar to some Native American languages.  

Includes: Listening to "The Lord's Prayer" in Aramaic and translated so that its power and poetry can be felt and understood. Plus working with movement and music in various ways leading to combining Aramaic and movement in an aspect of the sacred spiral.

Dee will be speaking on the topic: "Each Moment The Universe Is Making You An Irresistible Offer"-- Seeing Through the Eyes of Adoption and Assisting to Create A You AND Me World."


José M. Fernandez - was born in Cuba. He now lives in Puerto Rico, is 44, a fisherman and a versatile man with an incomplete primary school education. In spite of this, the level of evidence this man posesses regarding direct UFO contacts is, frankly, astounding. Since becoming a contactee in 1991, José has taken some of the best polaroid photographs of metallic structured craft active in the island of Puerto Rico. Interesting pictures of what seem to be extraterrestrial entities were also photographed by him during alleged underground physical contacts with a variety of peaceful beings that, apparently, have been teaching him an "event interpretation-synchronicity" logic based on meanings given to numbers and a possible cosmic alphabet called "Supra". José, also managed to film some of the spacecraft and at least 15 Hispanic witnesses (in Puerto Rico, Los Angeles & Miami) have been interviewed declaring that he is a real contactee and lived unusual experiences next to him. Many of the symbols in the Star Knowledge books themselves were given to José beforehand. Cultural and language barriers shouldn´t impede this man to share his experiences with the world and this is why his participation in Star Knowledge is welcomed.


Gonzalez, Ricardo – from Perú have developed their own contacts still under the guidance of the beings behind Mission Rahma. Both possess information about the role of ancient indigenous cultures and their contacts with otherworldly and underground civilizations. Ricardo contacted a branch of the White Brotherhood living in the jungle of Perú and their existence is known to Kéchua indigenous persons in the village of "Keros". Ricardo Gonzalez has had direct physical contacts of three ocassions with extraterrestrial beings, one happening with "Antarel" from planet Apu and another with "Joakel" an elder from Ganymede the moon of Jupiter. Ricardo is the author of "Los Maestros del Paititi" (The Teachers From Paititi) and is a well known lecturer in Latin America, Spain and Italy.


 Gary Gundloch – is an intuitive, teacher, counselor, and a healer for over twenty years. Speaking publicly for the past five years, he is the creator of the Immortality Program. This program is designed for the complete regeneration of the physical body, accomplished through targeted nutritional healing, emotional balancing and focused mental intent. His journey of wisdom began with the teachings of Yogi Ramacharaka. He then combined the teachings of the Tibetian, D.K. through Alice Baily, the teachings of Koot Humi, through Earlyn Chaney and Astara, with his own intuitive grasp, to form a unique picture of humanities appearance, evolution and eventual leap to beings of a non-degenerating nature. He is a member of Astara. The International Society of Dowsers and Ministers of the Universal Life Church. His public speaking engagements include, the Minnesota Whole Life Expo, The Wisconsin Natural Foods Convention, The Midwest Wholistic Health Fairs in various cities and the Universal Light Volunteers Convention in Indiana and The Pagan Spirit Gathering in Wisconsin and Ohio.


 Greenwood, Paula Rich - Pauls is a 42 years old clairvoyant and a visionary artist/writer/teacher who recently returned to New Mexico after twenty two years in San Diego, California. For the past twenty one years she has been a dedicated student and practitioner in metaphysics. In 1977, upon a spiritual awakening and transformation she became a disciple and eventually Kriya Yoga initiate under the personal guidance of Paramahansa Yogananda and Self-Realization teachings. Paramahansa Yogananda teaches "God" consciousness and inner balance for the spirit, body, and mind through meditation and spiritual study. In 1982, after graduating from art school she had a life changing near death experience, NDE. In an instant she was healed from death, a ten year drug addiction and suicide. This experience led her to the renowned study halls of the Unarius Educational Foundation, a scientific-spiritual University in El Cajon, California. The Academy incorporates higher consciousness and progressive evolution through the curriculum of 4th & 5th - 10th dimensional physics as it relates to reincarnation, past life therapy, Extraterrestrial and Celestial Intelligence. Since the NDE, she has been in constant telepathic contact with an interdimensional Light Being who lent her his life-force so that she may complete a full life-cycle. As a result he guides her in the spiritual work as an artist, writer, teacher, and lecturer. Her work consists of delivering a message for the next millenium when benevolent Space Brothers and Sisters, Light Beings will contact Earth. Messengers of peace from an Interplanetary and Interdimensionally Confederation bearing news of the Earth’s positive renaissance and intergalactic communication. In 1995, Paula was visited from the "other side", by a friend who had recently died from AIDS. He is now in continuous mental communication, helping her to write a book. As an artist/writer/lecturer her goal is to portay the interdimensional world of Spirit, Celestial Realms and Light Beings. Images that she has seen throughout her life as anomalous flying starships and psychic phenomenal Light Beings. She is currently teaching classes on the paranormal and psychic phenomenon. She also gives lectures and continously writing about a one of a kind metaphysical autobiography.


Greer, Dr. Steven - Dr. Greer, an emergency room physician, is widely regarded as the world’s foremost authority on the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). Dr. Greer has led research teams throughout the world investigating the existence of ETI, and on several occasions has successfully established preliminary contact and communications with extraterrestrial spacecraft at close range. He has provided briefings on the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence and so-called UFO’s to sitting CIA Director James Woolsey, senior Whit house officials, numerous members of Congress, the UN Secretary General, senior Joint Chiefs of Staff officials and various international leaders.


 Ghost Wolf, Robert - a spiritual elder of Iroquois, Lakota and Metis (mixed blood) heritage. Robert uses Native prophecy to deliver a message of global humanity and the relationship of ET and Earthling. According to Robert, the labyrinth of life is a sacred geometry of human consciousness, and we dream our reality before we experience it.


Rev. Gary W. Gundlach is an intuitive, teacher, counselor, and a healer for over twenty years. Speaking publicly for the last five years, he is the creator of the Immortality Program. This Program is designed for the complete regeneration of the physical body, accomplished through targeted nutritional healing, emotional balancing and focused mental intent. His spiritual education began with Mary Baker Eddy through the Christ Science teachings, and expanded to include the wisdom of the eastern belief through Yogi Ramacharaka. He then combined the teachings of the Tibetan, D.K. through Alice Bailey, the teachings of Koot Humi, through Earlyn Chaney and Astara, with his own intuitive grasp, to form a unique picture of humanities appearance, evolution and eventual leap to beings of a non-degenerating nature. He is a member of Astara, The International Society of Dowsers and Minister of the Universal Life Church. His public speaking engagements include, The Minnesota Whole LIfe Expo, The Wisconsin Natural Foods Convention, The Midwest Holistic Health Fairs in various cities, the Universal Light Volunteers Convention in Indiana, The Pagan Spirit Gathering in Wis. and Ohio and The Star Knowledge Conference; A Gathering of Miracles in Janesville WI.


Guzy, Charles - lectures on The Catchers of Heaven: A Triology. He feels the topics are necessary for understanding our cosmic neighbors, and why we are at a crossroads concerning our advancement and survival of Earth. This talk will cover many areas that directly relate to you—and your place in the Grand Scheme of things. Topics to be discussed:

1. The UFO phenomenon—evidence—how old—why being surppressed still


Hand, Floyd - Lakota Spiritual Advisor of the Oglala Nation. "Looks for Buffalo" carries the knowledge of the Canupa and of the Stars. The messages of his Spiritual Grandmothers and Grandfathers need to be shared with all Brothers and Sisters in all directions. Floyd has worked in the school systems of Minneapolis and St. Paul and bringing about major changes in the lifestyles of the youth. Many programs that he helped originate and integrate are still in existence. Floyd’s messages are grounded and full of heart. He helps you identify and activate your true purpose here on Turtle Island and in the Universe.


Hare, Donna - Donna was born in Houston Texas in 1945 and her great grandfather owned the first grocery store in Houston. Presently, she is working as a teacher in middle school in Pasadena, Texas. Her educational background is in Spanish and Psychology. Before birth and early childhood, wonderful paranormal experiences have guided her during her search for truth. She has been in many places and experienced many events that has brought her to a better and more comfortable understanding of God’s Plan which includes the entire Universe. Donna feels she is honored to placed in contact with so many remarkable teachers and masters who are advancing faster than the Speed of Light!


If you don’t want your perception of life transformed in three hours - then, it is best to stay away!


Harris, Paola - I am a freelance journalist working in Rome for the magazines UFO Network and Dossier Alieni.
Something about my background: I was a colleague of Dr. J. Allen Hyneck from 1980-1986 and worked with him on investigations until he died of a brain tumor . I then swore that I would not be involved with this phenomenon again but I have since found out that some of us have either agreed before birth or are programmed after birth to be of service to humanity: In part to bring this poor beautiful dying planet to the vibrational and spiritual level to equal the level of the technology ( unknown to the masses)that has been given to us by the extraterrestrial groups. There is a gross imbalance here and unless we close the gap, we will go the way of the dinosaurs. To go back, I came to Italy to work and the editorial group Futuro SNC asked my assistance on several cases. It was not until 1997 when I was doing the Roswell story that I found myself in the room next to Colonel Philip Corso and it was then that my life took a turn. He gave me an exclusive interview because I was doing a story primarily on the book THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL and was focusing on Back-engineered technology. I consequently brought Colonel Corso to Italy two times, lodged with him and his family here and wrote the preface to his book in Italian. The colonel told me a great deal and most of it is now being revealed. This was just the beginning as I began to focus on the stories of other military personages who have a rather common thread. Dr. Michael Wolf is my latest collaborator and he has given me much as he has verified much for Dr. Boylan. I have twice visited Dr. Wolf and he is very real but an excellent" voice" for the truth but he wants it done in a slow processed release of information.


Anna Hayes - At age seven, I was very fortunate to have the Guardian Alliance’s help. The Guardian Alliance is a very special group. One of the most noticable thing about them is that it’s an inter-dimensional, inter-time group that comes from the future. I believe it’s 5260 A.D., something like that.

They come to help us here, because we are their past. They are coming to change the past. Certain members of the Guardian Alliance are human. They are the original humans, the Turanusiams.

They are taller than we are; some of them are about twelve feet tall. They are very beautiful physically, compared to what our race is right now, with this mixed genes coding, and they have abilities that we would look at as God-like.

But they don’t want us to look at them as gods, that’s not why they’re here. They do believe in a God, in a central creative force and Source that they honor and uphold very much.

They’d like to teach us about that, so we can find the connection ourselves. But they are not just human either. The Guardian Alliance is a huge group! I believe there are over 10 million races represented in that organization alone, and that organization is part of a bigger organization called the Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds. This is huge!

The drama we’re in is absolutely huge. I was fortunate, because they knew me, the Guardian Alliance knew me from other incarnational space-time locations, because they had worked with me before, they found me in this time frame, and they saw the manipulation and they stopped it.

Because they knew I had come before I even knew why I had come. I had come to help with this project, to help with this stellar activation cycle.

All of us made an agreement to be here. We just forgot when we came in and the veils of the DNA went down.

The Guardian Groups are more aware of what we are and who we are right now than we are aware ourselves. They can give us back the keys to our DNA, so we can start remembering, and that’s what they are doing.

Hollister , Michael - On behalf of Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, Michael presented the Seneca wisdom, prophecies, traditions and philosophies of the Wolf Clan.


Icke, David - exposes the lies and deceit of thousands of years and reveals the biggest secret - how humanity has been controlled and manipulated since pre-history by extraterrestrial "gods" and the secret society network they created and continue to orchestrate. Icke exposes an astonishing web of interconnected manipulation to reveal that the same few people, secret societies and organizations control the daily direction of our lives. They engineer the wars, the terrorist outrages, political assassinations, the world market in hard drugs and the media indoctrination machine. Icke reveals how religion, politics, banking, and business have been designed from the start to control and suppress human potential in pursuit of a long term agenda - mental, emotional, and spiritual enslavement of the human race. He shows true spiritual and scientific knowledge has been hoarded by these few since ancient times, while being systematically withdrawn from public circulation. Icke offers an inspiring spiritual (not religious) solution in which every man, woman, and child, breaks free of the daily programming and takes back their infinite power to think for themselves and decide their own destiny.


Jananda - I was born in Denmark in 1933. I had a near death experience at the age of seven. I had been playing with a friend next door in the apartment complex where we lived. A thunderstorm began, and I ran home. I recall waving at my sister Jytte, who was sitting at the window on the mezzanine of our home. Then I became aware of a great golden light around me. An intense heat surged through my body and I was lifted high up in the air. After that I felt only a great emptiness. Then I was aware of floating in a golden light, and a silvery golden spaceship appeared. It had no door. I drifted through the wall of the shiny object and found myself standing inside a circular room. A large oval screen hovered in the middle of the room, similar to a movie screen, on which I could see houses and trees and roads. There were five tall golden beings present who seemed to be waiting for me. The leader, or space commander, as we would say today, was dressed in a silvery uniform with a pyramid insignia over his chest. He haad no hair on his head, and no eyebrows. He looked at me with enormous blue eyes and smiled. I heard a name, "Jahrmin" or "(Yarmin"). His body appeared to be both male and female and I had no doubt he was very powerful. An order he gave would be obeyed immediately. A tall blond lady approached and took my hand, and I was transformed into a young man. A storm of information traveled from her hand to mine, and into my brain. She told me her name was "Jana". She spoke to me about my future assignment on Earth. It would be easy she said. I would meet with great resistance. Yet although the brothers of less light would do their best to prevent me from doing my work, her energy would always protect me. She lifted my heart with boundless unconditional love, promising to receive me when my Earth mission was accomplished. I know now that she was my true soul mate. I have since searched my whole life for the quality of love I shared with her at that moment. Jana pointed to the screen, where I saw our planetary system displayed-our sun, moon, earth and all the other planets. I was witnessing the history of our solar system. I saw how meteors, comets and other falling debris has altered different planetary surfaces. I watched as spaceships evacuated living beings from some of the planets. I saw myself standing on some rocks on planet Earth, arms lifted towards the sky in prayer as the waters rose below me. A spaceship arrived. My wife should have been there, but she hadn’t arrived, and I realized I would have to leave her behind. For a few moments I watched myself hesitate, aware that I had to allow her to experience the result of her own choices, knowing I needed to detach totally from her to follow my own free will. In his thirties, a severe back injury began, ten years of pain and the best efforts of modern medicine could not cure. This "Cosmic wake up call" forced him to find alternative healing methods. The dramatic appearance of his spiritual guidance in 1969 set him on the spiritual walk. Jananda developed his clairvoyant abilities at a spiritualistic church in Copenhagen. In 1981 he created a healing light center with his wife, Marina Munk, and developed a large following in Scandanavia. During a meditation in 1979, a celestial being from the star system Capella appeared to Jananda. This fire instructed him about his extra-terrestrial origins and his 18 million year assignment in this part of the Universe. Ever since that day he has been consciously working with the Intergalactic Space Brotherhood. He communicates with many different dimensional beings of the 33 galaxies who are working under the direction of the Christ Council to bring peace to this sector of the Universe. They greatly assist him in fulfilling the healing and teaching functions of his earth assignment.


Through the long years of pain and eventual self-healing, Jananda gained tremendous compassion for other’s suffering. He dedicated himself to service of healing physical, emotional, and mental pain. Over the past 30 years, thousands of people have come to him for love offering only and found his gentle methods profoundly beneficial. First, Jananda looks clairvoyantly into his clients auric field for the cause of the problem. Sometimes it is a simple lack of proper nutrition. Sometimes it is caused by the lack of self-love or self forgiveness. Sometimes it stems from a much deeper pattern of guilt developed over many past lives. Once the cause is identified, Jananda calls on the mighty healing angels under Archangel Raphael, medical doctors on the hospital space ships, or the loving Christ Energy to channel the healing power through his physical body to the client. This can be anything from the laying on of the hands, reflexology, clearing the etheric body, to actual psychic surgery. Sometimes his guidance evens asks him to leave the room so that they could use his etheric energy body without his physical interference! Jananda does not do the healing. He simply assists you in the healing. He came to the United States for the first time invited by friends who introduced him as a guest speaker at a Seattle, Washington, UFO conference, he decided to leave his beloved Denmark and move permanent to America. He knew his future assignment was here. Once the committment was made, Spirit quickly and easily provided the ways and means. All session with Jananda are given on donation.


Jelaila - shares the bigger picture needed to regain your multi-dimensionality and how you fit into Earth’s divine plan, your soul contact to Earth and humanity. End your confusion and feel the joy of doing your service, as you see the entire plan from the 9th dimensional perspective.


Jelusich, Rev. Rick Ph.D. - has been able to "see" all aspects of the individual; the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states of being alone with an evaluation of the functioning of the chakras and body systems. Rick seeks to heal the person as a whole being, integrating the more-than-physical self into the third dimensional waking consciousness by healing with Divine Consciousness flowing through him. Rick believes he is only a conduit.


Dr. Richard Jelusich holds a Ph.D. in Human Science from the CaliforniaInstitute for Human Science.  He is a renowned spiritual healer andtechnology researcher, spiritualist minister, adept spiritual healer, andgifted psychic from birth.  After many years of engineering, managing, andconsulting in various highly technical fields including space launchsystems, Richard realized his true heart’s desire to accomplish two goals:·

To de-mystify metaphysics.·

To profoundly heal and help self-empower individuals on multiple levels

Dr. Jelusich has studied behavioral psychoacoustics, bioelectromagnetics,clinical biopsychology, consciousness expansion, transpersonal psychology,and eastern-western philosophy. His Ph.D. dissertation is:“Psychophysiological Effects of Frequency Octave Related Light and Sound”.He is most interested in helping the individual to heal on all levels;mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.  The pathway includes educationabout our metaphysical nature, and the information and realistic tools thatassist the individual in understanding their multi-dimensional nature.Richard has the ability to “see” the subtle energies in and around ourbodies, enabling him to discern Life Path strengths and weaknesses throughthe four archetypal energies: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Through intuitive counseling and energy work, he facilitates healing on allfour levels and helps us understand and integrate our life issues.  Dr.Jelusich has received many testimonials on the beneficial effects of hishealing abilities.  He travels extensively, combining a busy schedule ofhealing work, lectures, and workshops.

Richard has counseled and facilitated the healing of thousand of individualsworldwide through Applied Psycho-Biodynamics, Flower Readings, meditationgroups, and workshops. He has also developed unique energy tools that aidhealing and spiritual understanding, and offers lecture and meditation tapes on several subjects.   Dr. Jelusich has appeared on many radio and tv shows,and has been featured at wholistic health expos, national healing events,and gatherings.  He has lectured to groups nationally and internationally,including keynote addresses, and lectures to the Institute of NoeticSciences (IONS).

He created the publication, “Light News”, a newsmagazine dedicated to theblending of science and metaphysics; published monthly for 75 issues.   LightNews is now an on-line magazine on Dr. Jelusich’s website, Dr. Jelusich is a prolific writer, and haspublished many of his essays online, and is also published in several newsletters, quarterlies and magazines.

Dr. Jelusich produced 22 public-access television shows of “Metaphysics 101”, a TV series now airing in the southern California area.

He has an extensive catalogue of energy products and tools, tapes, and CD’s.

Dr. Jelusich’s latest work includes lecture/seminar series on theintegration of light, sound and color as healing to the mind-body.  From ancient bells and tones to the science of “cymatics”, to current research on lasers and their application in brainwave entranement techniques, Dr.Richard is incorporating ancient and current wisdom in a palatable lecture/seminar/experiential setting for the public.   One of Dr. Jelusich’sgoals is to promote learning seminars on a world-wide basis, incorporatingan audience-involved experiential setting that includes various mind andemotion stimulating sounds, colors and shapes by using ancient Tibetanbells, voice toning, ancient instruments (didgeridoo), and current light andsound techniques for brainwave entranement, including cymatics, recordedprimordial sounds of earth and planetary objects, and lasers that are tunedto light/sound/brainwave patterns.

His research has also taken him into the design of software programs thatutilize light, sound and patterns to promote healing states of mind and consciousness for the individual.  Research protocols will be written tostudy the effects of light and sound on learning disorders.

Dr. Jelusich has just published his first book, A Book of Essays.   It is acollection of 14 of his favorite essays, collected over the past 8 years.Dr. Jelusich’s books in progress include:·

Psychology of the Chakras, a Handbook for Healers and Therapists·

The Empath·

The Book of Reciprocity·

The Quality of Mind·

Speak for Yourself·

Metaphysics for the Rest of Us

Lecture/Workshop topics:· Metaphysics and Technology, the blending of Western Science and Eastern


Healing Technologies for the New Millennium·

De-Mystifying Metaphysics· Past Lives, Karma, and Reincarnation·

Experiential Healing, the Integration of Self·

Basic and Advanced Healer’s Training

Audio Tapes·

Healing Technologies for the New Millennium, The Blending of Western

Science and Eastern Philosophy·

De-Mystifying Metaphysics· Inner Peace, and Journey to Knowledge.   Meditation tape.· Dual Meditation with Bluewolf· Surviving the New Millennium

 Tezlcazi Guitimea Kachora - Mr. Kachora is a highly respected elder and spiritual leader for the Yaqui nation, from Sonora, Mexico. Born in approximately 1912, he learned the ways of the medicine plants from his father and grandfather, who traveled and were friends with Sitting Bull. Mr. Kachora is a Nahaul (a man of knowledge). As a child, he witnessed certain spacecraft entering subterranean openings in Mexico.


 Keller, Martin - Journalist/UFO Researcher, Foundation of Universal Peace. Keller will present the basis for E.T. communication using techniques of the close encounters of the fifth kind. Initially using remote viewing, remote vectoring and other protocols. He will describe the extraordinary experiences of CSETI teams worldwide. He will also discuss the progress of Project Starlight, a worldwide project to effect a disclosure on the existence of ETI. Keller will share with you the results of historic meetings with senior congressional, White House, CIA and military officials. The time has come for the truth to be told and for the planet to enter an era of universal peace.


 Kennedy, Dr. Lawrence, Ph.D. - has a diversified background with degrees in Art, Psychology and Philosophy. He has had a career with the U.S. Air Force as an At-Sea Crash Rescue Paramedic and served 16 years as an active reservist. His career as a Commercial Artist, Art Director and Advertising Executive came to an abrupt end when he had a brush with death in 1973. Life was dramatically changed after this encounter.

Lawrence’s death experience opened new doors as well as reversed his thinking processes and old value systems. Suddenly he had no more concerns about the materialistic world. He had an intense desire to begin his investigations of the unknown, the spiritual realms. His new studies included Mind Control, Touch for Health and a return to the academic halls to do postgraduate work in Parapsychology.

Dr. Kennedy was a forerunner in teaching psychokinesis (PK) and demonstrated its healing applications through his "I CAN" Seminars. His first student was his son, Christopher Kennedy. Both began to demonstrate the healing, spoon bending Geller affect which led to nationally viewed communications coverage and larger classes. During a seven year period, Lawrence produced 900 "I CAN" students who could successfully demonstrate mind over matter.

Today Lawrence describes himself as a paraphysicist concentrating on biological and universal energy forms beyond known and accepted physics. His latest technological investigations include research with quartz crystals, pyramids, lasers, solar color, magnetics, electrophotography. Tesla modifications, argon accumulations and protective bloshields that counteract ELF and harmful radiation. Lawrence is an environmental consultant and dower, testing water, electromagnetic and geomagnetic disturbances as well as chemical and toxic reactions affecting the body. Dr. Kennedy pioneered the Kirlian analytical procedure and named if the Kennedy Kirlian Technique. This is a method of interpreting Kirlian Photography.

Lawrence has done extensive research with leading authorities in the fields of holistic medicine, the paranormal paraphysical and metallurgy. He assisted in the original Meiers-Pleiadian investigations. Dr. Kennedy is currently a member of the international Telsa Society and Big Sky Dowers.


Kerwin, Eve carries the energies of the native American White Buffalo Calf Woman and Michael, The Archangel. Eve, through her spiritual gifts, can provide an array of healing modalities. Healing sessions will be an experience unlike any other and will clear and repair the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body through shamanic healings orchestrated by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Archangel Michael. You will connect with your inner intelligence, resolve inner balance, feel-at-one-ment and experience a life at ease.


Kewaunee (Jack Lapseritis, M.S.) Ke-wau-nee: ‘He Who Travels in Search of Knowledge’, in White Mountain Apache. Author of ‘The Psychic Sasquatch, the UFO connection’, he tells of his experiences with these elusive creatures.

Kewaunee was active in the healing fields and was accepted as a brother by Native Americans in a large Indian Center in the mid-west.

In the early 1990s he moved to Arizona, and wanted to work with his healing modalities with the Hopi people. There was no opening in the Hopi Nation at that time however, so he moved to Tucson, where he has been extraordinarily successful in restoring wholeness and Balance with herbal remedies and other methods of treatment. He has had great success in programs dealing with alcoholism, cancers and other debilitating illnesses.


Kilde, Dr. Rauni - ex-Surgeon-General of Finland, Dr. Kilde travels throughout the world sharing her experiences about the Star Nations and other messengers who have changed her life. She has helped with the production of a number of award-winning videos that have gone beyond the "usual" scope of most UFO videos.


Kirkwood, Annie - Author of Mary’s Message to the World. Annie Ortega Kirkwood is a mother and grandmother living in Bunch, Oklahoma. In 1987 Annie began to hear the voice of Mary talking to her mentally through a process called inner locutions. She carefully recorded each visit and with the help of her husband recorded the messages in book format. Mary’s messages warn of impending doom and request that humanity return to God through prayer and love. The book is simple to read and understand. Its messages are pure simple and to the point. Mary describes the exact series of events that will lead up to and include a polar shift that will decimate our population. She warns that the tribulations will only be reduced by prayer and the impending shift is irreversible. Although some dated predictions have not come true, there is a built in tolerance for humanity’s prayers to influence the completion.


Kunci Cistina - (Little Grandmother) While living and working in Washington, D.C. she was suddenly plucked up in a spacecraft shaped like a sausage and taken to Marty, South Dakota. There she had a close encounter with a strange band of French Indians called Zephiers. One of them, who calls himself Sitting Elk, told her that he was from the Pleides. She said, "Whatever!" and decided that she was meant to be in Marty for awhile and find out if there was any sanity there. She discovered that there was indeed sanity, encoded in universal and spiritual laws called "The Laws of Insanity." In her workshop she intends to share ALL HER SECRETS, but don’t count on it.


Langkop, Jimmy - is a dynamic, thought provoking speaker, practical mystic, visionary, and 4th dimensional teacher. His main focus is to help us understand and flow with the great paradigm shifts we are now experiencing. We are moving from a 3rd dimensional, fear based, patriarchal reality into a bright future of a 4th dimensional, trust and love based, egalitarian new world. Humanity is becoming spiritually conscious and personally empowered. Jimmy teaches a wide variety of subjects that help us to see and live from this "big picture". His classes and teachings have been featured nationally on NBC. He has created ten cassette albums and numerous individual tapes and videos.


 Lamb, Barbara - a licensed marriage, family and child therapist practicing in Claremont, California, she specializes in doing regression therapy with extraterrestrial contactees and abductees. She trains psychotherapists and hypnotherapists to use regression therapy for recalling and resolving traumas and difficulties from past lives and/or from extraterrestrial beings.


Gillian MacBeth-Louton - is the author of The Quantum Awakening: Chronicles of Light. A channeled book of visionary insight into the next step of Light for humanity. Gillian is a Visionary, a Seer, born with the gift of knowing. She is a clairvoyant psychic with advanced channeling abilities. She has been a Metaphysical Teacher, Messenger and world known Trance-Channel, for 28 years She works with the Ascended Masters, Councils of Light, Star Masters, White Buffalo Calf Woman, the Pleiadians and many other energies of Light.

She also teaches Advanced Light Acceleration Classes & Transformational Seminars hoping to help others to get ready for the infusions of Higher Light. Gillian has extensively studied many world religions, esoteric beliefs, the paranormal, metaphysics, Sacred Geometry, Sacred symbols and Quantum physics, developing a well rounded polished interpretation of these truths and there effects on today’s every changing world.

Gillian at this time writes for several magazines world wide, including Horizons Magazine(Florida), Homeward Bound Magazine(New York), Namaste Magazine (South Africa), Channelings Magazine (South Africa), Light & Life Journal (Ohio) also several ADL NEWSLETTERS, Paradox Magazine, and Writings on the Wall (Maryland).

She hosted her own Psychic talk radio show for 2 ½years and has been a guest speaker on several national radio and television shows including UFO LIVE, and THE WISDOM CHANNEL, and Fox TV. Gillian is a popular speaker at Body, Mind Spirit Expos.

She has the unique ability to take profound truths and delivery them to the public in a humorful and digestible form. In her search for truth she has traveled to many sacred sites, including Egypt and all of England, Ireland, and Scotland. She is active globally in her quest to make the highest truth available to all.

Gillian is now studying with Peruvian shamans in an effort to understand and integrate even more of the ancient truths. Her newsletter, The Quantum is sent worldwide to35 states and 29 countries.


Luster, Linda - Linda shares messages channeled from elders at Honaki Ruins in Sedona Red Rocks area. This ancient wisdom is spoken by elders of the Southern Singua prehistory period (1130-1280). The messages help us remember how to support mankind and the Earth Mother and ourselves as we prepare for troubled times ahead. The messages are simple and profound. As we listen with open hearts we can begin to walk the solid path of healing ourselves and Mother Earth. From the Honuki ruins a messenger stands.


Mandelker, Scott - lecturer, author of From Elsewhere: ET Souls on Earth, his lecture is an introduction to the global phenomenon of people who have realized their cosmic identity. He will discuss the methods of realizing ET identity, types of incarnated souls, a brief history of ET souls on Earth, their relation to UFO’s, and predictions for the future. For your participation, he will also present a twenty-point questionnaire.


 Marciniak, Barbara - Channeler for the Pleiadians - Barbara will be imparting to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media-free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words "should" and "try" from our vocabularies. Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential information for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious and unconscious. By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the Universe around us, we become "bringers of the dawn"—consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.


Martin, Dea - Remote viewer, aura reader. Lecture, June 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "The Aura of Mother Earth" We are, in so many ways, a reflection of the Earth’s energies - life - love - giving our best. But Mother Earth is now reflecting the energies we have sent to her - sadness - war - confusion - confusion - destruction. From his book (now being published) he will be drawing charts reflective of mankind’s aura and sharing the universal nature of energes. The aura surrounds us like a universal computer reflecting all experiences.


McCannon, Tricia - Initiated by the Vairgi Masters from the East, Tricia is a priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, and is trained in Celtic, Greek and Native American traditions. She has been a UFO contactee since childhood and is known for her extensive research on archeology, ancient civilizations and the hidden history of the human race. As a UFO researcher and extraordinary clairvoyant, she brings a profound and startling message about the upcoming Earth changes and their implications for our age.


McGaa, Ed "Eagleman" - a member of the Lakota Ogalala Nation and author of Mother Earth Spirituality.. Rainbow Tribe, and Native Wisdom. A historian and spiritualist, Eagleman educates and entertains his audience with spiritual knowledge taught to him by Chief Fools Crow, Ogalala, and Eagle Feather, a well-known Sicangu Medicine Man.


Melchizadek, Drunvalo -


Jean Michel was contacted by a large UFO when he was 18. He was reawakened to his reality of being a star person, a volunteer from the Galactic Confederation and a member of the Intergalactic Fleet commanded by Ashtar and Sananda (Jesus). After many close encounters with starships, he was contacted again by the Starship "Light" at the age of 33, this time being asked to go public and teach Earth people how to get a galactic consciousness. The Star Nations told him that they could not officially land and accept planet Earth into the Federation unless invited to do so by earthlings. Both should meet half-way.

JEAN MICHEL authored 5 books about the Spiritual Program of the Star Brothers. He was official representative in Europe for the 'harmonic Days' Harmonic Convergence, Starlink, Crystal Lightlink, 8:8, 11:11, 12:12.

He was in charge of the German delegation for the opening of the Doorway of the 11:11 in Egypt He has been speaker in International congresses: " Healers for Peace", Danemark, "DIALOGUE WITH THE UNIVERSE" part 1 and part 2, and "Communication in Cosmos'" in Germany.

He has also organized International Starseed Reunions in Europe. When he was asked by the Star Confederation to go public, during the contact he had a special mind connection installed by the Command which resulted in a permanent link with the computers of Light from the Fleet with the purpose or coordination and synchronization with the 'ground personnel' from the Fleet (volunteers from the stars in embodiment on Earth).

He was speaker at the Star Knowledge Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado. Jean Michel/Cmdr Lyur will present in a workshop slides of the various members of the Star Command.     


Dr. Angela Browne-Miller - author, lecturer, and a recognized authority on psychological, educational and social issues. Her areas of expertise include crises, transition, grieving/death, child development, women’s issues, workplace performance, addiction and fitness. She holds two masters degrees (social, welfare and public health) and two doctorates (social welfare and education) from the University of California at Berkley. In addition to extensive graduate education, she holds undergraduate degrees in Literature and in Biology. As a seminar leader and Psychotherapist, Dr. Angela Browne-Miller has instructed several thousand students and patients in lifestyle, cognitive and spiritual change. She is especially interested in a person’s relationships to personal power to affect self-esteem, performance and health. One of Dr. Browne-Miller’s recent book. "Learning to Learn" develops her theories of the realization of human potential.

Lecture, June 13, 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "Ancient Methods of Healing Modern Ills" - The Condor of the South and Eagle of the North meet again—bearing the Phoenix—the antidote to the Omega Point: Transcending apocalypse consciousness.

With the mounting global awareness of environmental, economic and political complications and stressors – and with every major religion of the world predicting some form of apocalypse or cataclysm of global proportions coming sometime in the next 30 years – and with the turn of the millennium at hand – apocalypse consciousness is permeating the thinking of many humans. Inspired by what she is being shown by extra dimensional intelligences and by the voices that have guided her in writing her recent books, Omega Point and Embracing Death, Dr. Browne-Miller asks and answer questions such as: Where does apocalypse consciousness come from: Are we receiving transmissions from off-planet intelligences? What is it they want us to know? Why do they want us to know? Are they all in agreement? What does such a transmission into our consciousnesses mean? What are the ways we can choose to interpret this awareness? Does the apocalypse have to happen? How can we transcend the apocalyptic state of mind? How can the Earth transcend the apocalypse? How can we use this knowledge to heal our bodies, our psyches, our souls – to heal our lives? What ancient methods of healing modern ills are available to us today?


Cynthia Moore – is a Florida native living in Palm City, Florida searching for God in traditional Christian as well as in metaphysical ways, 13 years ago she became interested in crystals and healing and began studying about the crystal world. In 1993, she trained with Katrina Raphael at The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in Kauai, Hawaii. She also trained with Christopher Tims, crystal lover from Arkansas who developed Sound Energy Dynamics (tuning forks). She currently incorporates this energy into her crystal work, thereby amplifying the vibration of the Stones.

Cynthia has collected many crystals and stones and loves sharing her knowledge, "Crystals are powerful, God-given allies and tools, here to help our physical and light bodies resonate with and move to the higher dimensions – very important through these next years."


Dr. Rodolfo Morales, president of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapies is perhaps the only hispanic US researcher conducting therapy in the area of soul communication accross space time boundaries.  His work dates to at least 16 years and over 600 cases have been recorded for posterity in cassettes and videotapes.  Scientific and cosmic information has come about by direct dialogue with the higher conscious aspects of common and simple individuals, including children and babies who, through hypnosis are capable of "remembering the future" of a simultaneous lifetime in which they were trained by extraterrestrial entities or other teachers wearing white garments.  Many of Dr. Morales' patients come to him because of having experienced strange encounters or a form of light followed by more unexplained events.  A tutorial dialogue has ensued in his practice, which is discovered as some times advanced entities give information through a patient at the point where the former patients left off. Many of the so called "imaginary friends" of children turn out to be advanced beings existing beyond our normal frames of reference and transmitting "star knowledge" information when one is ready and capable of listening.  Impressive, accurate information beyond the thresholds of the normal conscious mind has come about from future lives and from past ones indicating the existence of an important trans-human psychology
that exists as part of our total reality and needs to be known.


 EriEL Morningstar; Elohim Channel, EriEL is a channel/messenger for the Divine Elohim, the Creator beings of our universe. Come and join her for a special journey of the heart, for the heart is the door to the Flower of Life, as we explore Sacred Geometry, sound, color and creation. There is a Divine Flame that burns within each of our hearts, this is the Star that we Are, and NOW is the perfect moment express fully the magnificent, beautiful, unconditionally loving essence of our Star.

Morton, Sean David - is UFO’s most controversial man. When you hear his name, the thoughts that race through your mind are: Area 51, Faith Healing, Psychic Predictions, Channeling, "Ultimate Angelic Mission" to Egypt, "World’s Foremost UFO Researcher", Consulting psychic to the Los Angeles Police Dept, God son of an astronaut, Son of "G.T. Morton," one of the "hottest test pilots on earth, Groom Lake, White Sides Mountain and Freedom Ridge, Son of the president of a defense contractor. Psychic predictor, Consultant to Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings ,Geraldo, Prophet, Practitioner of Direct Time Soul Transference, an initiated Tibetan monk, You be the judge!


Star Johnson-Moser, - was born in Toronto, Canada, and has been preparing for her Spiritual work since early childhood. Her Grandfather, who was her first teacher, was a student of the Eastern Mystery schools, an initiate of Yofananda, and a Rosicrucian. During her healing career of almost thirty years, Star has studied Essene Principles, polarity therapy, color and crystal healing, radionics and radiesthesia, Naturopathy and reflexology, flower essences and gemstone elixers, Native American, Mayan and Philippine Shamanism. Star spent several years working in a spiritual healing mission with Brother Angel, a psychic surgeon and spiritual healer from the Phillipines. Before his death in 1990, he made an agreement with Star that she would allow him and his team of etheric surgeons on the other side to work with her, repairing the etheric body, which holds the memories of traumas on all levels from this life and those held in the genetic cellular memory. Subtle energy fields are aligened and balanced within and around the physical body, assisting the individual to connect with the love, wisdom and power of their Spirit on a deepening level. Star is also a channel for many Light Beings and Ascended Masters working with the axiotonal grid, which is a fifth dimensional energy circulatory system connecting into our meridian system. Star worked with Max, an ancient Mayan crystal skull, for several years, accessing the Divine Blueprints. Spirit taught her how to use it like a holographic computer to access the wisdom that had been programmed into it by the Ancient Ones as circutries of multi-dimensional consciousness. Lecture Topic for Return of the Dove: Stars lecture will be in the moment, guided by Spirit, and in her workshop we will work directly with Spirit, allowing the appropriate Spirit guides to work with us using the Languages of Light, Sound and body movement to activate the lightbodies of the participants and to anchor the Light of the Cosmos into the planet.


Luis J. Mostajo – born in Bolivia in 1964 developed an interest in the "Mission Rahma" contacts while living in southern Perú and in 1977 began to develop an oniric, astral, visual and telepathic relationship initiated not by him but by the "extraterrestrial guides". In 1980, a Tass Agency correspondent was able to film a spacecraft after the event had been telepathically pre-arranged. Then, Luis claims to have experienced two physical contacts "in projection", contacts that took him in also in 1980 to "Morlen" (Ganymede) and in 1990 to "Siris" (Venus). After these two totally conscious interdimensional/ physical contacts, Luis was approached by "Soromez", a teacher of the "Inner Retreat of Lake Titicaca" and allowed to go into the lake's Inner Sanctum together with some prepared friends . Now, he is building a retreat center on the shores of Lake Titicaca, near La Paz, and is very much involved with Mission Rahmas's efforts to unite (at a conscious and mutually respectful level) the so called White Brotherhood, Humanity and those cosmic civilizations that from time in memorial have been part of our human legacy.


Murray, Leandra - In 1994, Leandra had a major transformational experience called a walk-in. After 17 years as a co-founder and administrator of a large home health care agency, she was guided to the deep energies of an Indian Reservation in West Montana where she has been given the name Woman who teaches Medicine Spirit. Leandra links as an interdimensional channel and brings forward sacred symbols that carry their own starseed vibrations of portals to the Universe. She works as a quantum mystic and international speaker.


Leandra’s lecture - "RELEASING THE KARMA FROM THE STONES’ - In 1997, 22 people—most were walk-ins—assisted in opening a Stargate in British Columbia, Canada. Stargate Creatia opened a pyramidal city beneath the land creating a triad of energy linking to Kauai and Stone Henge. The Stones revealed themselves in a 3-D photograph forming a white Medicine Wheel and spoke to us asking us to remember and to touch the symbol keys within to open the Star portal. In this session, we will link to the Stargate and bring this energy to assist you in a stellar shift.


Leandra’s workshop - "Connecting to Sacred Vibrations" an experiential workshop. Join with us in celebrating increasing consciousness in multi-dimension harmonic pattern energetics. We will bring forth the medicine spirit of sacred manifest linking to Stone People, Earth energies and Star vibrations.


Nichols, Preston - trained as an electrical engineer and a metaphysician. His presentation will be on the electromagnetics and the human being. How the human responds to E/M and what mechanisms are involved. How to protect yourself from E/M . Government programs will also be discussed ranging from MK Ultra to Montauk’s Phoenix and including the new program designed to jam Crystals.


 Night Owl, Nestor - Native prophet, storyteller, healer. Nestor’s work, inspired by the "I AM" presence and integrated by Native American spirituality, teaches that we are not "victims" and that love and fear cannot exist simultaneously.


Pathfinder/SilverStar - Cherokee - Pathfinder and SilverStar are dedicated and committed to the Spiritual Growth of Turtle Island. They received national and international attention when their efforts proved successful in deciphering and anchoring the Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator, the MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN. They are currently learning and sharing "new information" that will change the way we perceive what we call Earthly, Starry and Heavenly realities.


 Paula Peterson - A mystic, clairvoyant, spiritual-life counselor, hypnotherapist, traveling physic speaker, author and personal growth facilitator. She is best known for the inspiring transmissions from the delightful intelligence’s of EA, the angelic presence of Alexandria and the compassionate Divine Mother. Since 1989, a featured guest on TV and radio talk shows, news articles and an award-winning documentary on UFO’s and extraterrestrials. Her lecture tours in Japan brought recognition of her work—airing nationally on major network television. She is the founder of Earthcode & Inner Network, the host of the television talk show "A New Millennium,", and author of the spiritual adventure novel: The Oracle of Clarion: a story to awaken the heart of humanity.

Pipe Boy, Willard - A Lakota ceremonial singer who has dedicated his life in preserving and protecting the Lakota and Canupa Wicohan. Willard carries the honors for having sang and prayed with every Medicine man in South Dakota. He stated that all the "Oldtimers" have crossed over now. He has agreed to share his knowledge of his experiences and a spectacular story of having first hand physical contact with one such Starman in the 70’s. After three years of living and learning from the Grandfather Starman, they took him out into the badlands where seven Starcraft came down and took him home. Don’t miss this amazing story and all the wisdom and knowledge of a Lakota Ikce Wicasa.

Ponca, Rochelle – Her Good Day is Sicangu Lakota and is a member of the Rosebud Lakota. Her Good Day has been teaching in the educational system of the Yankton Dakota Tribe, as a Dakota Language instructor and Indian Studies Advisor to the Cultural Department of the Ihunktowan Community College. Her Good Day has been a sundancer for the past 15 years and her interests are to teach the Winyan Wicohan and she is dedicated and committed to preserve the Culture of the Language and the ways of her Grandmothers. She will share the original Story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman.


Preissler, Li Lan chan - a teacher and representative of the Great White Brotherhood, The Ascended Masters and the Spirituql Hierarchy of the Earth, she has been trained intensively by the White Brotherhood since 1993 to do what she calls her connections work for individuals. Some of her work includes:  Axiatonal Connection to the Earth - connecting a person’s acupuncture meridians via their vibrational energy axiatonal lines to the vibratory grids of the Earth.  Connections to a person’s Higher Self and Inner Child - a process enabling us to directly experience our Higher Self and Inner Child. Communicating with these energetic parts of our being anchors these aspects to our physical bodies.  Cranio-sacral Balancing - for Light workers and others who experience Light mutational symptoms involving the craniosacral system.  Flower Essences consultations - works with the Flower Essences in all the connections and process work that she does.


Li Lan El-Lah-Rah - is a teacher and Representative of the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT in conjunction with the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth and the Ascended Masters. Li Lan is of the "Office of The Christ", the " Office of the Mother of the Universe and the World" and is the physical "Aspect" manifestation of the Eloha El-Lah-Rah. In her work as a spiritual " Go-Pher" for the " White Brotherhood" , Li Lan has been called upon to present the teachings of the "Brotherhood" to individuals and groups acrosss the United States of America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Li Lan also works closely with Ashtar Command - the higher dimensional space forces of the "Brotherhood"- in the clearing and healing of the Vibratory Grids of the Earth. St. Germaine: " The Great White Brotherhood of Light has existed from the beginning of time in this Universe. We exist in other dimensions and realities also. The White Brotherhood does not look after special interests. We work toward the upliftment of the Universe as a whole." Born in Hue Viet Nam; her early childhood was spent between Hong Kong and Saigon. She grew up in California from the age of 8 via Paris, and London. She lived in Germany for 16 years and lives presently outside of Paris, France.


Rainbow Eagle - Oklahoma Choctaw from Angel Fire, a "Seventh Fire Peace Shield’ teacher, and recently featured in the UFO documentary video "High Strange in New Mexico." In February 1997, he was also a guest on the nationally-reknowned Native American radio talk show "Native American Call In."


Raul, Joseph- "Beautiful Painted Arrow" is an internationally known Pueblo - Ute spiritual leader, healer and messenger amongst his people. Beautiful Painted Arrow has travel around the globe designing and building sound chambers that have help individuals to be aligned with Mother Earth once again. He has shared many teaching of his people through lectures that are necessary through these Earth changes and adds to the mending of the "Broken Hoop." Beautiful Painted Arrow also has delivered an important and priceless and classic ceremonial that is available through a 4 video set presentation. Don’t miss this fascinating presentation!

Red Hawk, Steven - is a simple auto body repairman with no connection to any major religious beliefs or movement, who cannot read, write or spell very well, with a ninth grade education. His concern led him to ask Spirit what he could do to help life. The message from Spirit was very clear, " Gather the Children". He was given spiritual messages to share that help mankind of all walks of life to join together. He was also given plans for a self sustaining community complex that works with Mother Earth and all of life rather than against it. He was given a three digit numerology system for those needing to receive information in that light and symbols speaking of the positive creation joining together and working for the highest good of all. Red Hawk’s workshop would be focused on gathering a group of like minded people who want to share information and are serious about being a part of creating a self sustaining complex.

1. A Spiritual Awakening

2. Messages received

3. Trinumrology and symbols

4. Self-Sustaining Community Complexes.

If you need further info let me know. Also if there is anything I can do for you to help let me know.

Rice, Edward describes himself as a multidimensional healer who uses hypnosis/the trance state as his main tool for transformation. "We access and communicate with any parts of ourselves that we are capable of connecting with through non-ordinary reality. To make changes in our lives we must truly know ourselves by examining our issues and our beliefs on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels." Over the past twenty years, he has assisted many in uncovering and healing their core beliefs and in experiencing and understanding their multidimensionality in order to fully integrate Self. He currently has a practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and travels extensively, giving his "Journey into Self" workshops, teaching and healing.


Ross, Chuck "Ehanamani" - Dakota/Lakota author of America’s best selling book Mitakuye Oyasin. Dr. Ross studied the prophecies of world-famous prophets and clairvoyants of the East and Western worlds combining them with prophecies of the Dakota/Lakota Cultures. The results are interesting and there is a need to recognize his efforts and to take them seriously.


Russell, Ron - internationally-known artist, lecturer and published author. Mr. Russell has conducted tours of England’s Crop Circles and Sacred Sites. Mr. Russell is the Colorado and Midwest USA coordinator for the Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS) and recently appeared on ABC’s "20/20" and Fox’s "Sightings." He is a MUFON field investigator and a founding CSETI member and will link these disciplines with crop circle investigations. Mr. Russell will be presenting spectacular slides from his personal collection of crop circles and discussing some of the scientific, physical, metaphysical, and spiritual aspects of these designs. This is an amazing visual treat!


Rothschild, Helene - M.S., M.A., MFCC, is a Marriage, Family, Child Counselor, speaker, teacher, workshop facilitator, channel, psychic, and spiritual healer. She is also the founder and President of Joyful Living, a non-profit, educational corporation dedicated to helping people to "’love themselves to peace;" the key to health, happiness, success and world peace. Helene is also the author of over 40 inspirational and self-help books, tapes, cards and posters including the book: Life With Loving Ets: A True Story. She has shared her unique ideas numerous times in the media and has hosted her own radio and television shows. Helene has been channeling beings from the light since 1988. The loving Arcturians came to her in 1992. They asked her to come out now and help them be known so that they can serve many more people.


Royal, Lyssa - holds a degree in psychology and is an internationally-acclaimed author, channel, and seminar leader. Since 1985 she has presented seminars, private consultations, and sacred site tours all over the world. She is the author of preparing for contact, Visitors from Within, The Prism of Lyra (available in 7 languages worldwide) and the newest title MILLENIUM: Tolls for the Coming Changes. Lyssa is known for her depth and clarity as a channel, her integrity, and her inspirational speaking ability on a great variety of topics leading to personal empowerment as well as spiritual and emotional healing of the individual. Lyssa is theArizona coordinator for The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI) and has conducted field research into CE-5s (human-initiated contact) since 1993. She is also listed in Who’s Who of American Writers, Editors, and Poets. Though a significant portion of Lyssa’s work focuses on exploring the extraterrestrial issue, the practical application of her work is of utmost priority to her. Lyssa lives in Arizona with her husband Ronald Holt and continues to write, travel and teach around the world.  

Lyssa Royal - Lecture - The Contact Mirror: Exploring the Human-Created Challenges of Extraterrestrial Contact. The contact experience is a direct reflection of who we are—both as individuals and as a species. Learn about the most profound challenges we face as we alter the reality paradigm enough to make contact possible. How must we change in order to make contact possible? This question and many more will be examined by author Lyssa Royal who is known for her profound insights into the contact experience.

Workshop - Preparing for Face-to-Face Contact. A channeled workshop, Lyssa’s Pleiadian contact Sasha will share with the audience her views on how humans must prepare for the inevitable contact experience through understanding the inner landscape of the human psyche and learning how to build a "common ground reality" upon which humans and extraterrestrials may begin forming their relationships. She will discuss the important concept of moving beyond fear regarding contact, and how to resolve the destructive "us vs. them" mindset that has colored the true nature of the contact experience.

 Endorsements:"Lyssa Royal has built an exceptional body of work that stands as one of the highlights within the field of channeling . . ." - Jon Klimo, Ph.D., Author of Channeling: Investigating on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources. "Lyssa Royal presents viewpoints that are no-nonsense, sensible, and logical. Her work is head and shoulders above material from most other channeled sources." Shari Adamiak, Contributing Author of Zen in the Art of Close Encounters. "Lyssa exhibits that rare quality called pioneering spirit. . . she can combine curiosity, imagination, and insight, creating new perspectives that enrich and enliven..." - Daryl Anka, Internationally-recognized channel and co-author of Contact Cards and Beyond My Wildest Dreams.


Ruka, Mac Wiremu Korako - Maori Spiritual Elder Aotearoa, New Zealand. June 1996, Wagner, S.D. Mac Ruka spoke of ancient knowledge that had been kept secret, passed down through the centuries by the Old Ones, the Grandmothers, protected until the time to bring it into the light. Mac shared that this time is here. . .it is NOW! At the age of three, Mac was chosen by both sets of grandparents to learn the geneologies, prayers and incantations of the celestial and earthly realms. At age seven, he was taught the secrets of the 12 spiritual realms. Now, the Grandmothers have told him he is to be the one who must tell the truths, the one to share his ancient knowledge and the prophecies of the Maori People.


Running Deer - Her awakening was in the form of being in council with Native American Elders, one of which was her grandfather who was of Algonquin blood. She was given a song to share. Running deer speaks on judgement towards each other and how Spirit speaks to us in ways we understand. Openmindedness without judgement leads us to receive messages we need to hear that we otherwise may miss. Information we don’t understand are instantly judged. Running Deer believes that we are here to help each other understand each other. Running Deer doesn’t choose to speak in or from "channels " not because she can’t. She can speak from The Blessed Mother, Archangel Michael, and have received the ability to translate the Arcturian Keys that Red Hawk was given as the Trinumerology System. She feels there are people very interested in this information and she is able to help them with it. Running Deer has read the Tarot for twenty years and also recieve psychic impressions of some people. Although she does not consider herself psychic, she has been told she is. She sees herself as a Mother of Peace, harmony, light, and love. Whatever she can give that will help someone whether it be a reading, an impression, a message in some way, a hug, she is there to give in the name of Spirit for the highest good of all creation. She wants to let people know that this is a fear based dimension we are living in and by sharing the fear we eliminate our worst enemy and begin taking control of our own destinies. For those interested in the Arcturian letters and Keys, she would like to hold a workshop on that information. She would also like to hold a workshop to give " Spiritual Path Assessments." This can help those who may not be sure of their path or know where to go with new knowledge, thoughts, or ideas. This can help them see where Spirit may be leading them. It may also point out whether it is a positive or negative force as well.


Saunders, Melvin – has spoken at many conferences during the last few years (Life Spectrums, American Society of Dowsers, UFO/Paranormal Expo, World Future Society, Accelerated Learning Society, Extraordinary Sciences, Global Sciences, East Coast Biodynamics Conference, Acres U.S.A., Alternative Energy Conference, etc.) and now he'd like to get his message about 100% Brain Usage out to the Maka/Star Knowledge gathering.

His thesis is simple. No species is born with something it was not meant to use completely. Just as you would not use one finger throughout your life when you were born with ten fingers, it is just as silly to use 10% of your brain when you were born with 100%!!

He states that the more an individual uses his full potential, the more complete the individual feels, and harmony and an inner awareness of our true spirituality can be achieved. Complete brain users don't destroy their environment, engage in war and crime or exist in stressful instability - partial brain users do! The closer we get to 100% brain usage, the happier and the more lovingly harmonious we become - and the easier it is to realize our spiritual connection as well!

Phyllis V. Schlemmer (Virtue-Carmel) is an internationally known psychic, medium, astrologer and healer. Her family background includes mediums and healers on both her parent's sides. Phyllis showed her first signs of mediumship at age 5 and now she is a deep trance chanel with no memory of what transpires. In the early 70's she created a series on the psychic, "The World That Surrounds Us", for U.S. television.

Phyllis founded and directed the Parapsychic Research Foundation in Florida and Israel. She also founded the first astrology school chartered in the State of Florida and the first liscenced psychic center. The center was constantly consulted by business and civic leaders from Florida and the U.S. at large. Phyllis has worked with law enforcement agencies in locating missing persons.

Phyllis' fascinating book "The Only Planet of Choice" specifies the existence of cosmic "super civilizations". It also informs about the existence of a high level of coordination for multiple civilizations carried on by beings we could call "The Nine". Currently residing in Florida, together with her husband, Israel Carmel, Phyllis lectures throughout the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.


Schuster, Michael - Has traveled throughout the world for the past twelve years speaking about his death experience and awareness of being a "walk in." His first book, Continuous Energy & Upcoming Earth changes. Details a revolutionary understanding of energy and a metaphysical overview of Earth changes as we move into the 4th and 5th dimensions. His second book, A Journey Toward Forgiveness, reveals why the Holocaust happened in our time and how it ties into Earth changes, an in-depth description of the afterlife, and the power of forgiveness. Michael has led channeled workshops in the Great pyramid of Giza in 1992 and the Mayan temples of Guatemala in 1993. He was the opening speaker at the First International Prophecy Conference held in Philadelphia in 1995 and presented his Visions of the Future at the Star Knowledge Conferences in San Diego and Estes Park in 1997. Michael offers his audience a conceptual framework for understanding their higher consciousness, and he shares the timeless formula that their thoughts create their reality. He channels light beings (nonphysical energy groupings) interested offers and impetus for personal empowerment and an inspiring appreciation of our divinity. Ongoing extraterrestrial and angelic contacts provide the background for this event while the energy brought forth enhances healing for both individual and global consciousness.  Visions of the Future - 1998 - 2012 Michael will share his out-of-body visions "into the future." Discover how extensively the Earth will rebirth Herself and what your choices are in these challenging times. What are the 4th and 5th dimensions? You will discover the art of remote viewing - time and vibrational travel to other dimensions. Michael’s ongoing extraterrestrial and angelic contacts provide an overview of Earth changes and a prelude ascension!  Workshop Explore your blueprint for this life time as you understand the prerequisites to your ascension. You will experience a shift into an open communication with your multidimensional future self. Discover the art of remote viewing as your choices are revealed in these end times Michael’s ongoing extraterrestrial and angelic experiences bring in exciting dimensions.


Scott, Preston (Panther) - Choctaw Medicine Man. Preston spoke from his life experiences and related the story of being struck by lightning and, thus, called to his medicine path.


Shapiro, Joshua and Joke Van Dieten - crystal skull researchers. Lecture, June 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "The Crystal Skull : UFO Connection" As crystal skull explorer, Joshua Shapiro and Joke Van Dieten, the caretaker of "ET", a smoky quartz crystal skull, delved into one of the world’s mysteries: ancient crystal skulls, human-sized skulls shaped from various types of quartz crystal. The Crystal Skulls, considered to be very old, have generally been discovered near or within ancient ruins in Mexico and Central America. Recently, newer discoveries have been made in South America. The speakers believe that various indigenous people have served as caretakers of the skulls and continue to do so. The purpose of the lecture and slide presentation was to introduce the Crystal Skulls and discuss their possible origins as being from extraterrestrials visiting our world, and to discuss their part in the prophecy of a Golden Age beginning by the year 2013.


"Shiningstar" Arla Wiliams is a grandaughter, daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother, a multi-cultural Oklahoman with ancestory of Choctaw, Cherokee and Metis. Carrying the energy of "The Grandmothers" she brings their wisdom to light and heart. She was guided to the remembrance of her lineage to the "Star Nations" by "Grandfather". "Shiningstar" reads with the guidance of "The Grandmothers". She is a facilitator of Women's Moon Circles and Retreats, guiding them to fully understand their part in the "All That Is". She carries an energy through "The Grandmothers" to help people to release and then to access their own "Sacred Space". Giving them a feeling of safety to express their own unique energies. "Shiningstar" lives with the heartfelt philosophy of "Things will be as they should".


Sims, Darrel - HUFON investigator. Lecture, June 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "Medical and Scientific Evidence of Alien Encounters" - A slide visual exploration of "where do they come from?" "what they do, when they are here, to what they leave behind. Amazing statistics: 45% of our experiencers are Native American/Irish, 31% have rare drug allergies, 10 % have fluorescence at some time on their bodies, night blindness is at 30%. Slides will show 4 nasal implants, 1 eye implant, 2 of 4 knee implants, and 4 implants removed by surgery. A hypothesis will be given. Are "Star Beings" and "aliens" the same thing?


Skenendore, Rod – a Sundance Chief of the Blackfeet Nation. He is a healer, prophet and a teacher of Star Medicine and knowledge. He has worked as a gate opener for the Red Man. Rod will deliver these experiences and share the knowledge of his Grandfathers.


 Shoemaker, David - was never interested in UFO’s, Aliens or extraterrestrials. He is now. David has in his possession, wreckage from a crashed flying saucer. His story will amaze and convince any skeptic. The metal or material from the wreckage from the crashed discs has been proven scientifically as material not of this world. David also has an on-hands lecture and workshop, feel the evidence and it will change your life forever.


 Snow, Dr. Chet - Author/Researcher - SIGNS OF THE TIMES: The Crop Circle Enigma - For nearly twenty years, strange large symbols have regularly appeared each summer, etched in the ripening cereal crops of a dozen countries around the world, including Japan, the USA and Canada. Since it began, this mysterious phenomenon has been concentrated in southeast England, ancient home of the Druids, King Arthur’s Holy Grail and Stonehenge. For the last five years researcher, therapist and visionary author, Dr. Chet Snow has personally explored this enigma, collecting samples, photographs and theories about their meanings and possible Extra-terrestrial origins. In this color slide illustrated lecture, he shares his latest findings on the crop circle mystery, showing how many of these modern day "agri-glyphs" match ancient sacred symbols of indigenous peoples around the world. His talk includes personal experiences with these strange energies and their meaning for the future as we near the end of the ancient 5,200-year Sacred Mayan Calendar cycle in 2012 AD.


Soaring Eagle, Walter is a Cherokee Native and a Sun dancer with the Two Feathers Medicine Clan. He had received training from Chief Little Summer of the Shawnee and from Grandfather Hollis Little Creek of the Anashanabee. In 1987 he was given a quest to find and establish the Tribe of the Phoenix. He has have come to understand the meaning of this with the help of the Grandfathers through the Sundance. He has been guided to share this information. As of Sundance of last year he has done little else. I will share the teachings of Chief Little Summer on what he calls the Shamanic Kundalini, and Chakra Light Magic. He is also a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, and he carries the Sacred Pipe. Soaring Eagle offers a verity of Healing Modilaties.


Sprinkle, Dr. Leo - Contactee, investigator. Lecture, June 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "Personal Analysis of UFO Experiences" - Slide/Lecture presentation. Slide show various models of science, reincarnation, and UFO activity. Suggestions are provided for personal analysis of UFO’s based on the PACTS model (Preparation, Abduction, Contact, Training & Service) and the STARS model (Space, Time, Activity and Ruminations of the Experiencer).


Standing Elk - a member of the Dakota Ihunktowan Band of South Dakota, Spiritual advisor, and one of the seven Sundance Chiefs of the Yankton Sioux. Standing Elk has co-authored MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN, The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator. Standing Elk knows that these Universal laws will help you through this period called "The Age of Coyote" or the "Age of Aquarius."


Streiber, Whitney - Author, lecturer. June 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "Beyond Breakthrough" - Author of Communion, one of the best-selling books of modern times with sales of over 10 million and the bestsellers: Billy, Catmagic Majestic, Transformation, and the current Breakthrough, Streiber is again exploding on the scene with the soon-to-be-released The Secret School. Whitney shared his incredible encounters of the previous months and took questions from the audience.


Suriano, Clemente & Keziah - Presenting the Ways of Family through the teachings of Unci Iktomi and the Tatanka Oyate.   Clemente is an Ikce Wicasa from the Mayan Nation and other nations and Keziah has foillowed the teachings of the Rainbow Nations from a early age.


Taskara - A young mayan teacher who shares the knowledge of the 20 tablets of the law of time and the 16-year Telektonon Cube of the Law. Subjects will include "Cyle of the Mayan Messengership", "Cycle of Valum Votan", etc. TASKARA is a also a mayan imekeeper, teacher, and healer.    Founder of the the Mayan Center in Los Angeles, California.  For the past 7 years he has been teaching on the ancient wisdom, history, science and knowledge of the Cosmic Maya.   Following Spirit;s guidance he ras relocated the Mayan Center to Chimayo, New Mexico on the backbone of Iguana Kaku, Turtle Island.  Discussing Mayan time science and "Rio de la Vida" (River of Life),  a spiritual river connecting Turtle Islands ancient energetic electro-magnetic lines that stabalizes Mother Earth's metamorphic changes and provides planetary abundance in this prophetis last days. In ancient times the priesthood of Kokopelli and Kokopelli Mana their their travels and ceremonies on specific geometric sites up and down Turtle Island stabalize and kept alive the life force of Mother earth through "Rio de la Vida".


Ti Mar - Ti Mar’s life is filled with ongoing UFO and Alien contacts and communications. From 1983 to 1995 a manuscript was co-authored by six light beings and Ti Mar. This manuscript is now the book TRAVEL THE WINDS, a Beginning Mystery. Ti Mar received this manuscript in OVERSHADOWING SESSIONS (very similar to channeled communications.) Bezon says they actually position an electric magnetic formation behind her to bring the information forth. Other writings include Space Alliance Support Group Newsletter (published semi-annual.) A second manuscript TRAVEL THE WINDS Extended Mysteries and TRAVEL THE WINDS WORKBOOK, is beginning to take form. Ti Mar’s lectures are filled with excerpts from these writings and her personal experiences. Energy differences is explored briefly, because they are the main cause in the missing time syndrome and forgotten close sightings and encounters. These energies can help with memories and communications from Spirits, Angels and Extraterrestrial. The workbook offers the higher vibratory energies as an aid to physical healings.Then hear more about Ti Mar’s personal years of communications and her time aboard crafts. Over seventy self extraterrestrial portraits will be displayed for everyone to see


Tentanty, Marcella Doyle - The Zero Chiefs, Ancient Keepers of the Wisdom, used the Sacred Circle (Round Table) as a metaphoric process utilizing group conscious energy as a tool for transformation. The collective energy of the group creates a vibrational resonance to stimulate the cellular memory. This collective voice was used as a tool for order and need in the community to co-create peace, harmony and balance, without EGO. Marcella will explain this concept and how it can be used in our personal and public lives elevating our group consciousness to the Spiritual Vibration for the Highest Good.


Tracy, Diane - has a master's degree in music education, and has been a teacher and student of metaphysics for many years/lifetimes. She is a priest in the order of Melchizidek and the founder of the TriUne Co-Creation Center in Beloit,Wisconsin. Diane has studied kinesiology, heart math, channelling, music, Reiki, sacred sound, aromatherapy, sacred oils, and Perelandra flower essences, as well as working with the White Brotherhood's personal medical assistance program for several years. At this time, she is available to work with others, using or teaching these healing modalities. It is time to empower and heal ourselves and our planet.


Turi, Dr. Luis - His new belief systems and extensive research into the work of Nostradamus and other astrologers led Louis to embark on a new life in America in 1984. Dr. Luis Turi now practices Nostradamus’ 16th century method of analysis called Divine Astrology utilizing "the power of the dragon" to gain insight from the Stars and how they influence daily life.


Two Elks, Claude - is a member of the Sicangu Oyate (Rosebud Lakota). Two Elks has been active in bridging the knowledge of the Red Man to those non-native Americans who have the activated their remembrances of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and Druid memory. Two Elks is a ceremonial, Sundance and Pow-wow singer and a champion dancer.


Underwood, Paula - Iroquois Elder - Who are the Human Beings?: A Native American Perspective on "alien" Life. Based on Native American teachings handed down in her family, Paula Underwood will describe a more accepting view of different life forms and a greater caution in "jumping to conclusions.’ In other words, when do we know when we think we know?


Walker, DaEl - The Director of the Crystal Awareness Institute. For over 20 years he has focused research on subtle energy, crystals, healing and sensitivity training. He has taught in 9 countries. He was the first western healer to teach healing in Japan. February, 1996, he was the only internattional speaker at the first New Age Expo in Asia, in Hong Kong. November 1996 he was the only American among 28 presentors at the first "Conference of Alternative Therapies" held in Eastern Europe, in Romania. His presentation was voted Best of Conference by the attendees. He has been involed in Crystal Skull Research since 1986 when he was part of a team of researchers who went to Canada and worked with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. He has since worked on 26 skulls and is the guardian of Rainbow, one of the ancient crystal skulls. He is now travelling with the skull and bringing it to the attention of the world. DaEl is part Cherokee. He is an elder in the Spirit Horse Medicine Society. He is the author of The Crystal Book, The Crystal Healing Book, co-author of the Crystal Sourcebook, has just finished the soon to be published Crystalotherapy, and is presently writing another book. Physics of Emotion. He has written a series of articles on alternative therapies for the Tin Tin Daily News in Hong Kong. DaEl is a favorite of the media and has appeared on over 500 radio and TV shows in 9 countries. He has been the subject of new specials on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC.


Walks in Dreams - The spirits spoke to her when she was very young and said, "You are Walks in Dreams, not Dream Walker, but Walks in Dreams." Walks in Dreams has communicated with disembodied spirits all of her life. Her first conscious experience with UFO’.s was when she was two years old. Walks id Dream’s life’s focus is world peace, the reunion of all cultures, and the revelations of humanities’ true history. It has been rewarding in this life to assist others through psychic counseling, tarot reading, and spiritual networking. A few years ago she was blessed to experience the Michael Conclave Gathering in Canada. Presently Walks in Dreams is helping other people through problem solving, insight, and helping them take their power.


Whitefeather Willy - Storyteller, artist, back-packer, river runner, flutist and honorary Cherokee Chief, and a flamboyant author on the art of being a survivalist. Documented accounts recorded Willy’s teachings as being the major means for saving lives. His Grandfatherly ways have been known to melt many a heart and soul into serving the Creator. He has always been a teacher in many youth programs across the United States and he is helping with skills gifted to him by his Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Willy will help to close the evening with the help of other elders.


Whiteman, Clara Bo is an internationally acclaimed Trance Channel who gives Psychic "Life" Readings. She covers all or most of the following areas of one’s life. Clara will do past life regression to take people to their places of origin and to end it with progression in this life and on into a future life.


Williams, Audri Scott - Audri channels information from the Grandmothers of the Four Directions, the presiding elders of the Council of Light. The information received is called NOWTIME Prophecies.According to the Grandmothers, the prophecies refer to the time before the pyramids. They refer to the time before "mankind’s fall from grace" or the revolt of the "star people". " … the building of the pyramids were a symbolic representation of all that was known but lost to the darkness …" We are at a point in the cycle of life (the Universe, Mother Earth, and her inhabitants), the final hours of the 12th season, where many things will be revealed and challenged. In this time, to truly understand the significance of the Age, one must succumb or surrender to the journey within. During this time, the what that is within, will point the way to the what, that is without. NOWTIME is a time of rebirth and resurrection for mankind in its continuing evolution to "humankind". The information in NOWTIME Prophecies provides teachings that will lead to a greater understanding of changes affecting the entangled web of life (the cosmos, Mother Earth and everything that is) and the promise of a new Age. The Grandmothers caution us to listen to the teachings of the ancient ones, for they are the ones who hold the keys to the transition of the Ages.In her workshops Audri brings forward information channeled from the Grandmothers and the council through her dreams and visions; sacred geometry; physics and music. She presents the universal language of the Cosmos and the Great Mysteries contained in the DNA. She also presents maps of land changes and global energy patterns. Audri Scott Williams is as much a paradox as the role in which she suddenly finds herself. Beginning at bith, she bounced forth with a seemingly insatiable thirst for life. This zeal lead her to travel many roads. She graduated from high school when she was 15, college when she was 19, and married and had her first of three sons by the time she was 23. By the time she was 35 she was a college dean, and at 38 she left her career and the lifestyle is afforded and began to pursue her calling. This calling began as far back as she can remember. " I was raised as much by the "Grandmothers" as I was by my physical family. So much so that little in life appeared to be a mystery, except human behavior. At 16 I remember asking the Grandmothers to go away because I no longer wanted to be different. I wanted to be like everyone else. For twenty years they left me to myself but I always knew that one day they would return."Following a path of much personal sacrifice, humbling experiences and fear, she now emerges fully confident and committed to living the truth of her calling in every aspect of her life.


Wills Jerry - as a teenager, was exposed to the Pleiadian society. These intelligent extraterrestrial beings instructed him into areas of math, science, astronomy, medicine and biology. His teachings were augmented by special training to develop extra-sensory abilities, which include precognition and recognition of energy fields around the human body. It is in Jerry’s journeys to the jungles of Peru that he still encounters the Pleiadian representatives who continue his education


Winters, Randolph - Author of the "Pleiadian Mission" and the voice behind numerous video presentations such as "The Miami Contacts" and "Space Cities, UFO’S Around the World". Randolph Winters is an internationally-known lecturer who won the trust of Billy Meier. This contact with Billy Meier led Randolph into a world unknown to many and changed his life dramatically. This trust has brought the attention of the world to the small cluster of Seven Stars known as The Pleiades. The rest is history. Don’t miss this opportunity, it’s a lifetime remembrance. Lecture, June 1996, Wagner, S.D. - "The Miami Contacts" - An update on the new Pleiadian contacts happening in Miami, Florida. Randolph explained Adrian’s trip to the home planets and what the Pleiadians say about our future. He gave a special showing of the latest video and photos of the Pleiadian craft over Florida and an explanation of the Space City in South America used by the ET’s while on Earth and of cities on the Pleiadian home planets where people from Earth are learning about Pleiadian culture.


Wolf, Dr. Michael - Dr. Michael Wolf has since 1979 served as a scientific consultant to Presidents and the National Security Council (NSC) on extraterrestrial matters, and as a member of the MJ-12 (UFO secrecy management) subcommittee of NSC. Dr. Wolf has been in charge of MJ-12’s lead agency, the Alphacom Team. Previously he has served as an Air Force colonel, pilot, flight surgeon and counter-intelligence officer for the CIA and NSA. He has an MD in neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a ScD in Computer Science, and M.S. in electromagnetic influence on organisms, a B.S. in biogenetics, and a JD in Law. Dr. Wolf has decided to reveal to the world what he has learned inside secret government programs about the visiting extraterrestrial cultures, and about working shoulder-to-shoulder with extraterrestrials, "because we have a right to know." He includes many of these well-informed revelations in his book, The Catchers of Heaven (1996). Dr. Wolf will speak on the spiritual, metaphysical and ecological priorities shared by the extraterrestrial visitors, values which Wolf says we humans need to take to heart.

Dixi Woods - Dixi is a Star Nation Ambassador. She has had contact with star beings from many different galaxies, and they have taught her how to work with sound, color and light in healing with the Solar Angels. A gifted clairvoyant and channel, her contact experiences have been loving and educational. Working with tuning forks, she has the ability to "hear" within the vibration of the tone what is happening within the different levels of the Spirit and body. As a messenger for the Star Nations, she channels many different beings of light who are here to assist Mother Earth and Humanity in this transition.

Zephier, Sherwyn - "They Blessed His Pipe Man", grew up on the Yankton Dakota reservation in South Dakota, where he watched and wondered about strange lights in the night. Some of these lights were similar to the Spirit Lights seen in tribal ceremonies. It has since been learned that these lights have many different names, characters, and qualities that aid the human being in attaining spiritual unfoldment, healing and growth. Sherwyn has the gift to assist individuals to learn of their own purpose and place at this time in our planet’s evolution. Through the directives of ancient ceremonies, Sherwyn will bring you to the point of realizing your own spiritual capabilities. Your spiritual realization will enable you to acknowledge and follow your own spirit guides, who are awaiting your bidding, through Love, Light, Song and Prayer.


and many more...

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