The Dispensations




Dispensation. In the theological sense, it is one period during which the man is put on approval with reference to certain specific revelation of the will of God. There are seven dispensations in the writings.

  1. The first dispensation: INNOCENCE

The man was created in state of innocence, placed in an ideal atmosphere, subject to an absolutely simple test: not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of the good and of the wrong and noticed concerning to the results of the disobedience, which would be the death. Gene 2: 16-18. The woman failed by reason of the pride, the desire to know more, the temptation by reason of the desire of the eyes, and a non resolved heart to make the will of God. Pablo declares that the man was not deceived, but rather the woman being deceived, you/he/she incurred in trasgresión. 1 Timoteo 2: 14.

This dispensation or time of test finishes with Adam's expulsion and Eva from the Eden, there being Jehová given God the curse to the snake; the earth would be damned by reason of Adam, and with the perspiration of its face he/she would eat the bread every day of its life; and to the woman he/she would give to light to its children with pain and the serious desire towards its husband, taking possession of her. Gene 3: 14-19

  1. The second dispensation. IT MAKES AWARE

As a result of the disobedience, the man ended up possessing a personal and experimental knowledge of the good and of the wrong, of the good as obedience and of the wrong as disobedience of the will of God. It was by means of the knowledge of the good and of the wrong that the man's conscience woke up, and it was responsible before God for its made acts, and he/she should come closer to God by means of sacrifices. The dispensation of the conscience finishes with the trial of the flood, since the wickedness of the men was much in the earth and the thought of its hearts was only bad of continuous the. Gene 6: 5-7. Although the trial of God came on the man in Noé's days, the man will still be judged by the law written in his hearts, giving testimony his conscience, accusing them or defending him his reasonings, in the day in that God will judge for Jesus Christ, the sin of all the men. Rom 2: 15,16

3.     The third dispensation: I GOVERN HUMAN

Under the two dispensations precedent-innocence and it Makes aware - the man failed completely and the trial of the flood marks the end of the second dispensation and the principle of third o'clock. The third dispensation is revealed in Gene 8: 20 and following: God promises not to destroy the earth with waters of the flood, to maintain the terrestrial order, as the cold and the heat, the summer and the winter, the day and the night; it sends to Noé and its children to multiply and fill the earth: the animals would have the man's fear; the animals and the plants would be for its maintenance; he/she gives him the commandment of not eating meat with blood, because the life (the soul, nefech in Hebrew) it is in the blood; it establishes the death penalty for the murderer that I will spill blood. Under this dispensation, the man is responsible for governing the world for God. That as much the Jews as heathens have governed for itself and it doesn't stop God, it is sadly certain. The test of the race in general concluded with the trial of the confusion of languages (Gene 11: 5-9); the test of the Jews finished with the captivities (2 Reyes 25: 1-11,21), and that of the heathens will arrive to its end when the image is not hurt with the cut stone with hand, that is to say, when Christ destroys to the gentile might and the armies of the beast. (Daniel 2: 34,35; Apoc 19: 19-21)

4.     The fourth dispensation: PROMISE

In Genesis 12: 1-3 say" But Jehová had said to Abram: it Vetoes of your earth and of your kin to the earth that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will enlarge your name, and you will be blessing, I will bless those that you bendijeren and to those that you maldijeren will curse; and they will be blessed in you all the nations of the earth."

To this dispensation he/she is called promise, for the declarations of God given to Abram that will belong to him a great nation, and that all the nations of the earth will be blessed in their seed that is Christ. (Gálatas 3: 16). This was a period of test for Abraham that was not like in the other dispensations, where the man failed to God, and it was punished. In this dispensation, Abraham left victorious, since it obeyed God and he believed him and it was counted him by justice; and having waited with patience, it reached the promise. It sent to Abraham that circumcises all male born in their house to the eight days of born, like a sign of the pact between God and their descendants. Gene 17: 10-12

God promised Abraham the following offers:

to. To give to their descendant the earth of Canaán

b.     To make of him a great nation

c.      Their descendant would be countless, as the stars of the sky. Gene 15: 5

d.     Their descendant would possess the doors of its enemies, they would defeat its opponents. Gene 22: 17

e.      He/she promised that in their seed, they would be blessed all the nations of the earth. Gene 22: 18

f.       He/she promised to Abraham and their descendant that would be heirs of the world. Rom 4: 13

g.     To bless those that him bendijeren and to curse those that him maldijeren.


In execution of their promise, God took out the children from Israel of Egypt, to take them to the earth of Canaán, and in the desert he/she gave him the commandments of the law, with that which another dispensation, the law begins.

The fifth dispensation: THE LAW

This dispensation extends from the Sinaí to the Calvary, from the Exodus until the cross. The history of Israel in the desert and in the earth of Canaán it is a long series of violations of the law. The Israelis didn't fulfill the commandments that Jehová sent them. God made a pact with the children from Israel, in which they committed to obey the pact, and they would be the chosen town of God, and they would be a Kingdom of priests and of sacred people. (Exodus 19: 3-5).

The pact mosaic included the ten commandments, (Exodus 20: 1-26); the trials that govern the social life of Israel (Exodus 21: 1-24:11); and the ordinances that govern the religious life of Israel. These three elements form the law, according to the sense that is given to this sentence in the old testament. (Mateo 5: 17,18). The commandments were a ministry of condemnation and of death. (2 Corinthians 3: 7). The one that sinned of death killed him. A man was stoned to have picked up firewood in the day of rest. (Numbers 15: 35). All what you/they depended on the works of the law low curse was for that written it is: Damned all that that non permaneciere in the works of the law to make them. Gálatas 3: 10

The sins were covered by means of sacrifice, which the priest offered in the day of the atonement, in the solemn parties and in the days of rest.

6. The sixth dispensation: THE GRACE


Grace is the kindness of our God Salvador and its love towards the men, which saves the sinner that is sorry, not for works of justice that we had made, but for its mercy. (Tito 3: 4,5) The grace is in contrast with the law, under which he demands justice on behalf of the man, while under the grace, God grants as a gift, its justice to the sinner. (Rom 3: 21,22; 8: 4; Fil 3: 9)

Efesios 2: 8" Because for grace you are salvos by means of the faith; and this doesn't belong to you, because it is gift of God; not for works, so that nobody glories"


The dispensation of the law finished with Juan's preaching the Baptist and the grace began with Jesus Christ preaching. (Lucas 16: 16). However, it was sealed or confirmed with blood, by means of Christ's death. It will finish in the second coming of Christ, when he/she comes for their church and to resuscitate to the deads in Christ. (1 Tesal 4: 16,17)


In the council of Jerusalem, it was ruled that the gentile believer, it is not forced to keep the law. (Facts 15: 24-29; 21: 24,25) The one that keeps the rituals and Jewish ordinances is preaching a different gospel, and it is curse. Pablo reprehended Pedro because he was forcing the heathens to judaizar. (Gálatas 2: 14-16)


In the grace, God gives an opportunity to the sinner so that he/she is sorry, like to the adulterous woman. (Juan 8: 10,11). The Mr. he/she promises the Sacred Spirit to the believer, ace to stamp of their property and to guide him to all truth; it imparts him to new birth, transforming it into to new creature and it sanctifies him so that it is capable for the Kingdom of God.


  1. Roman 3: 21-26" But now, apart from the law, he has shown the justice of God by means of the faith in Jesus Christ, for all those that believe in him. Because there is not difference, since all sinned, and they are deprived of the glory of God. Being justified gratuitously by their grace, by means of the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, to who God put as propitiation by means of the faith in its blood, to manifest its justice, because of having passed for high, in its ignorance, the last sins, with the aim of manifesting in this time its justice, so that the one is the fair one, and the one that justifies the one that is of Jesus' faith."
  3. The seventh dispensation: THE KINGDOM

Efesios 1: 9,10" Giving us to know the mystery of their will, according to their approval, which had intended in if same, of gathering all the things in Christ, in the dispensation of the execution of the times, this way those that are in the skies, as those that are in the earth."

This dispensation is the seventh and last of the ages divinely orderly that condition the human life on the earth, where Christ will reign with his church a thousand years. In this time the Kingdom of Israel will be restored, being David its king, the nations that sobrevivieren of the trial of the great tribulation, will undergo Christ's reign, and they will go every year to Jerusalem to celebrate the party of the tabernacles. In this time Satan will be tied in the abyss by a thousand years and it will be a reign of peace. The carnivorous instinct of the animals will be removed. The cow and it dares her meetings and the lion like the ox they will graze they will eat straw. The whole earth will be full with the knowledge of Jehová like the waters cover the sea. Isaías 11: 6-9; Apocal 20: 1-3; Zacarías 14: 16-18

During that dispensation the believers will have resuscitated body similar to that of Christ and they will be kings and priests for God their Father. People of the nations will have natural body and the one that I will sin will be died or judged by the saints. Apocal 2: 26,27; 1 Corinthians 6: 2

This dispensation will finish when a thousand years they are completed and Satan will be loose of his prison and leave to deceive to the nations. Again the man is proven, and when they are low the satanic influence rebels against God and against the saints and the dear city, where they are consumed by the fire of God. Apocal 20: 7-9

After having concluded this dispensation, Satan is heady to the fire lake, the sinners are judged before the great white throne, the universe is destroyed and God believes a new sky and a new earth and later the new Jerusalem, descends of the sky like a wife adorned for its husband. Apocal 20: 10 - 15: 21: 1-4


Prof. Alfredo Rodríguez,D.T