The Holy Spirit



"The Sacred Spirit is the executive power of the Deity, which works in all the spheres, so much physical as moral." (Pearlman,1992) The Sacred Spirit is the third person of the divine trinidad, coeterno with the Father and the Son.. By means of the Sacred Spirit, the finger of God (Lucas 11:20), God operates in the spiritual sphere, converting the sinners and sanctifying and sustaining the believers.

The divine essence of the Sacred Spirit is demonstrated by means of the following facts: it is eternal, omnipresent, and omniscient (Hebrew 9:14; Psalm 139: 7-10; 1 Corinthians 2: 10-11) it was part of the creation of the universe and of the man (Gene 1:2; Job 33:4;) and of the resurrection (Roman 8:11). He/she is put to oneself level of dignity with the Father and the Son. (2 Corinthians 13:14; Mateo 28:19)

Many false theologians say that the Sacred Spirit is only the active force of God. The personality of the Sacred Spirit is demonstrated by the fact of possessing own personality: He gets angry, it is afflicted, he/she has love, it can be lied, to blaspheme, to insult, it possesses a name similar to the Father. (Efesios 4:30; Roman 15:30; Facts 5:3; Mateo 12:31, 32; Hebrew 10;29)

The Sacred Spirit is our Consoler, in the sense that he intercedes and he/she requests for us, as well as Christ in the sky, is our lawyer that is seated to the skillful of God interceding for the believers. (1 Juan 2:1; Juan 14:16). The Sacred Spirit teaches us all the things, it guides us to all truth and he/she reminds the believer the word of God. (Juan 16: 13; 14:26)

The Spirit of God redarguye, that is to say, convinces to the sin world, of justice and of trial. Of sin, since the man recognizes that he is a sinner and he needs to be sorry, of justice, because it recognizes and it accepts the love and Jesus Christ salvation, and of trial, because it feels the necessity to escape from the trial of God that he comes on the earth. (Juan 16:8-10)

The Sacred Spirit forms the church (Mateo 16:18), baptizing all the believers in Christ's body (1 Corinthians 12: 12-13), it imparts spiritual gifts to each member of the body for the Christian service (1 Corinthians 12: 7-11, 2730); it guides the members in the service that they offer (Lucas 2:27; Facts 10:20,21) and him same it is the power to make this service (Facts 1:8)


Symbols of the Sacred Spirit.

1.      The oil (Juan 3:34; Hebrew 1:9)

2.      It dilutes (Juan 7: 38,39)

3.      Wind (Facts 2: 2)

4.      Fire (Facts 2:3)

5.      A dove (Mateo 3: 16)

6.      A stamp (Efesios 1: 13,14)

A garment or arras (Efesios 1: 14" That is the arras of our inheritance until the redemption of the acquired possession, for the commendation of their glory")

When one obtains a loan or he/she is carried out a contract, it is given an article or a garment in guarantee, to this you the flame arras or garment. Between God and the believers a contract of fidelity has been made toward God, and the Mr. it rewards us with the eternal life and the Kingdom of God; the arras of this contract is the Sacred Spirit.

Greeting or Baptism of the Sacred Spirit



The Lord Jesus Christ told to the pupils before ascending to the sky that will send the Father's promise on them, and that they stayed in Jerusalem until they were invested of being able to from the high thing. (Lucas 24:49) This promise is the baptism of the Sacred Spirit, which is received in different manifestations, such as: speaking in languages, prophesying, glorifying to God, preaching the word with value. (Facts 2: 4; 4:31; 10:44-46; 19:6). The Lord Jesus Christ expressed that those that believe in him, like he says the Writing, of his interior rivers of alive water will run, and this said of the Spirit that you/they would receive what believes in him. (Juan 7:39) These rivers of alive water are manifested in the faithful ones, when they feel impulses of crying, to beat or the hands, a current or a tremor that he/she runs for all their being to rise.

The spill of the Sacred Spirit was predicted by the prophet Joël" AND after this I will spill my Spirit on all meat, and your children and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, and your youths will see visions. And also on the servants and envelope the siervas will spill my Spirit in those days." Joël 2:28,29. If we read the chapter two of Joël, we see that the Mr. it asks that we become of all heart, with fast, cry and lament. It is necessary to become to God, to make fasts and to pray deeply, so that, after this, the believer receives the baptism of the Sacred Spirit.

As much the impulses as the gifts of languages and prophecies should be dominated, and they should be expressed in the opportune moment. Pablo said that they should prophesy one by one, and the one that speaks in languages should have interpreter, and if there is not in the church, he should remain silent and to speak for if same and it stops God. The spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets, because God is not God of confusion but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:23-33)

Fruits of the Sacred Spirit

When the believer receives the Sacred Spirit you/he/she imparts him her personality, call also fruits of the Spirit. In Gálatas 4:22 speak of the fruits of the Spirit, which are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindliness, kindness, faith, meekness, temperance. This Christian character is not produced by the believer's effort, and always, it should be requested to God in sentence the fruits of the Spirit, so that they are in our lives.

Love. The description of the love is explained very clearly by Pablo in the Anger letter of the Corinthian chapter thirteen: The love is suffered, it is benign, the love doesn't have envy, the love it is not boastful, he/she doesn't get conceited, he/she doesn't make anything undue, it doesn't look for his, it is not irritated, he/she doesn't keep bitterness, it is not enjoyed the injustice, but one enjoys the truth, all it suffers it, not everything believes, all he/she waits for it, all it supports it. The apostle said that the love will cover multitude of sins, that is to say, we should forgive the offenses of the other ones. If a sister has love, she hopes her husband is sorry and it supports it.

Joy. Delight, happiness, rejoicing. "And the pupils were full with joy and of the Sacred Spirit" (Facts 13: 52) The Christian that is full with the Sacred Spirit, has joy and peace in his heart; the bitterness, mistrust, bitterness, come from the desires of the meat and we should reprehend it in Jesus' name. The desires of the meat, such as the anger, war, fornication and other, they are learned behaviors or innate of the human being, inherited of the sin of the first parents; logically, in these desires the devil operates.

Kindliness. Quality of benign, affable, friendly, pleasant, soft in the conversation and in the treatment. Inoffensive

Kindness. Inclination to make the well; whenever we have opportunity, let us make well to all, mainly to the family of the faith. Gálatas 6:10

Faith. The faith is a gift of God and a fruit of the Spirit. The faith like a gift or talent, are the faith that moves the hand of God to make prodigies, and it acts in sanities and miracles, and in impossible actions for the men, but possible for God. The faith like a fruit of the Spirit, are the trust that the brother deposits in his neighbor and in their siblings, forgiving them their lacks and giving him an opportunity so that it changes and be renovated. The one that doesn't have faith, discards in a single time, to people.

Meekness. The Lord Jesus Christ said": you Learn of me that am meek and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls." Mateo 11:29. The one that gets angry, insults their neighbor, he doesn't have meekness.

Temperance. It means moderation, wisdom. The temperance should not made a mistake with the strict or rigid that is a leader; to the Christian leaders, the Mr. it sends them to be example of the other ones and to serve to its flock or flock.

"Against such things there is not law"

Sins against the Spirit.


The sins that the unbelievers make against the Spirit are: to Blaspheme or to speak against him (Mateo 12:31) This sin is unforgivable. To resist to the Sacred Spirit, this is, to disobey to their orders (Facts 7:51); to lie him, like in the case of Ananías and Safira. We should not commit with God in things that we won't complete. Better it is that you don't promise and not that you promise and don't complete. (Ecclesiastes 5:5) to Insult or to insult to the Spirit, sinning against God in a deliberate way (Hebrew 10:29); to Afflict to the Sacred Spirit of God, if the brother doesn't walk in the will of God (Efesios 4:30,31); and to turn off him, in case the believer stops to pray or allow the sin in her life. (1 Tesalonicenses 5: 19)


Donate of the Sacred Spirit.

The gifts of Sacred Spirit are described in the first letter of the Corinthians, chapter twelve. They are nine the described gifts, which are classified in three categories: you donate by word of mouth, gifts of power and gifts of knowledge. The gifts of words are speaking in diverse language goods, the prophecy gift and the gift of interpretation of languages; the gifts of power are: gifts of sanities, making miracles, and the gift of faith; the gifts of knowledge are: science word, word of wisdom and discernment of spirits.

Pablo exhorts to that the spiritual gifts offer, but mainly that they prophesy, because the one that speaks in language is built itself, but the one that prophesies, builds to the church. The one that prophesies, speaks the men for construction, exhortation and consolation. The one that prophesies, knows the hidden of the man's heart, and he reveals the to come, like in the case of Agabo that he told to Pablo that  he will tie it in Jerusalem and  he will give it in the heathens' hands. (Facts 21: 10,11) The prophecies of God know each other because they are completed, and they are adjusted to the word of God. (Deut. 18: 20-22) in Roman 12: 3-8 speak about other gifts that are gifts of service.

"So that, having different gifts, according to the grace that is given us, if that of prophecy, use you according to the measure of the faith; or that of service, in serving; or the one that teaches, in the teaching; the one that exhorts, in the exhortation; the one that distributes, with liberality; the one that presides over, with application; the one that makes mercy, with happiness."

Word of wisdom. It is applied to the art of to interpret dreams and to give wise advice (Facts 7:10); the intelligence or evidenciaen the discovery of the meaning of some mystery or vision (Apocalypse 13:8); ability in the handling of matters (Facts 6:3); wisdom in the treatment with the other ones (Coloisenses 4:5) Ability to impart the divine truth (Colosenses 1:28; Mateo 13:54) The knowledge and practice to live a compassionate and fair life (Santiago 1:5)

Which is the difference between science and wisdom? Science means to penetrate in the knowledge of the divine things, while wisdom is the ability to regulate the Christian life of agreement according to the principles that constitute its foundation.

Prof. Alfredo Rodríguez, D.T             Admirable Biblical Institute