Miravete at a crossroads

Miravete at a crossroads

Madrid to the north, Lisbon to the south, Las Villuercas to the east
and Monfragüe to the west. Miravete at a crossroads.


Between Madrid and Lisbon and between Navalmoral and Trujillo
is Casas de Miravete, A-5, km. 210



In 1843, the English writer George Borrow wrote in his book “The Bible in Spain”:
“I was coming down Miravete mountain pass admiring one of the most beautiful
views in the world. Vast plains lay before me, in the distance, limited by
enormous mountains, and under me, the narrow vein of the Tagus
river winded between rugged ranges. The setting sun gilded the
The day, although cold and windy, was clear and
In an hour, I arrived to the river next to the remains
of a magnificent bridge that was blown up during
the War of Independence, and never rebuilt.”
(chapter XI)

George Borrow


At the entrance to the village, the fountain with its exquisite water,
which is mentioned in the “Spanish geographic-statistical-historical
dictionary” directed by Pascual Madoz.”

Pascual Madoz  




The GeoCentre Monfragüe is next to the fountain. Do not miss it! You will
see the geological significance of these sceneries.
Telephone number: 649 77 11 64


Video of GeoCentre Monfragüe-Miravete





Monfragüe National Park

and the Biosphere Reserve





The deer bellowing in Miravete


September and October the deers start the ruting
season and defend their territory.


Watch this video:


Video of the deer bellowing in Miravete




  Walking Routes



You can go from the village up to the mountain peak of
(839 m) starting by the Cañada Real
and the old Camino Real


Distribution of the Fench forts in the War of Independence. On the top, the Arab castle.
(photo: Pedro Prieto Ramiro)


Video of the mountain peak of Miravete





"La Piñuela" route

You can get to the remains of La Piñuela church starting from
the Cultural Centre “Las escuelas” (Municipal Library)





Astronomical Observatory route
Very close to the village, in “El regüelo”, you can observe the stars.





Route of the Englishmen

On 19th May 1812, British and Portuguese forces, together with Spanish
soldiers, crossed Miravete mountain range from north to south to take
a fort controlled by Napoleon´s army, near the Tagus river. In 2007,
the 195 anniversary of that important Independence War battle
was celebrated with a walking route of 18 km long, similar
to the route made by the English-Portuguese army in the
municipalities of Casas de Miravete and Romangordo,
between “la Ventilla del Camionero”
(A-5, Km. 219)
and the Lugar Nuevo (N-V, Km. 202).
route is celebrated every year.




Video XIII Route of the Englishmen



Bike Routes





Giraldo Bridge of Medieval origin at km. 207 of N-V, 3 km
away from Miravete in Madrid direction.


Remains of the also known Makjada Albalat (N-V, km. 203). We could translate
it as “access to the stony path” which makes reference to the Roman road
that joined Emerita Augusta and Toletum. It was devastated at the end
of the 12th century, after several changes of ownerships
between Muslims and Christians.



Albalat bridge in the Tagus river (km. 201 of N-V).
Near the remains Medina Albalat, capital of the Islamic Kora.




Where to eat

In the centre of the villaje, you will find "El Vasco".

It is a welcoming and friendly bar where you

can eat well and spend a good time.


El vasco Bar



Where to sleep

If you need to sleep, you will like this rural house

Rural house Los Montes





Miravete at a crossroads

Madrid to the north, Lisbon to the south, Las Villuercas to the east
and Monfragüe to the west. Miravete at a crossroads.


Casas de Miravete is not only part of both the Monfragüe National Park and the
Biosphere Reserve but it is also a privileged enclave since it is the beginning
of the world UNESCO GeoPark Villuercas-Ibores-Jara. You can easily visit it,
retaking the A-5 road in Lisbon direction. After going through the tunnel
of Miravete, take the exit of Deleitosa (km. 219). You could enjoy the
views of Retamosa, Roturas, Cabañas, Solana, Navezuelas,
Berzocana or Guadalupe, among others.
Watch this video and you will see:



Video of the GeoPark Villuercas-Ibores-Jara



Map of GeoPark Villuercas-Ibores-Jara




Roman remains of Augustobriga, between Peraleda de la Mata and Bohonal de Ibor.
From Navalmoral, you take the road EX-118, at km. 178 of the motorway A-5.




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