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The International Security Academy is a Multinational Joint Venture, which was established and is directed by a group of senior (Ret.) officers, ex-Commanders and former Instructors from the Police, Security Service and Special Task Forces of Israel and various countries.

*The first branch of the I.S.A was founded and directed in 1992 by Mr. Mirza David in Latvia, in order to assist the security sectors (Governmental and civil) in the Baltic and other CIS countries, to improve and enhance their operational capability after the Russian withdrawals.

* The President of the International Security Academy is Mr.Ulrich k. Wegener, Major General (Ret), Founder and former commander of the German Elite Unit GSG9,former security consultant of the German Chancellor.

The lecturers and instructors activated by the I.S.A are high-ranking executives and experts from the Governmental and civil sectors from various countries.

Since its establishment Executives, Instructors & Elite Security Personnel from Governmental and Civilian sectors of various countries worldwide have been trained and instructed by our Multinational Instruction team.

* The I.S.A offers Practical instruction and training intended for

The Group's activities are recognized, authorized and supervised by the State of Israel and by various countries.

To share through Practical and Unique Instruction Methods the Know-How and Practical Experience which has been accumulated by both Israelis and colleagues throughout the world, thus contributing to the struggle for prevention crime and terrorism worldwide.
training courses
The International Security School was founded In 1993 in order to direct and operate the practical training centers in various countries worldwide.

* The President of the International Security School is Mr.Pini Shachar, Major General (Ret) Former commander of the Israeli border guard force and the counter terrorism unit ,the main force of the Israeli Police for domestic security tasks.

* The I.S.S offers Practical instruction and training intended for:


Trainees-Colleagues from different countries participate in our Training Courses and Seminars, A fact which Contributes to the Enrichment of the Professional aspect as well as to the creation of both Working and Amicable relations among trainees.

Practical Training Center
*The Israeli Olympic & Combat Shooting Center-Herzeliya
*The Israeli Combat Shooting Center -Cesarea
*Kibbutz Shefayim located 12 km north of Tel Aviv surrounded by rolling green lawns.

International Security School