2600 Glove Controller by Eduardo


Built by EDUARDO


World's first Glove controller for the 2600 VCS!

Believe it or Not this thing works like a charm! I was tired of all the conventional controllers so I sat down staring at my VCS and tought: Wouldn't it be great if my VCS had a glove controller? Is it feasible at all? How to do it?...etc So I decided to put it together and it turned out quite easy and cheap to achieve it.

The 'Glove' itself is a dishwashing rubber glove, wrapped with Reynolds aluminum wrap for the contacts, hooked two wires to it and then created something I call the 'Directional Pad', when I slide my finger over the pad the ship responds to it the same way as if I were pointing out where it should move.

The Directional Pad!

This thing is actually made out of an empty aluminum can with a few wires hooked to it, the 4 slices represent the directional movement, by touching it with the glove sliding your finger across it the ship moves. Works incredibly fine on games like Gyruss, Defender or Pacman and many others.

There is an article published about this project at the 2600 Connection Magazine #62 or you can reach me using the atari2600Nexus message board for further questions.


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