Mouse to paddle convertion by Eduardo


Converted by EDUARDO

Greetings my fellow Atarians!

You can convert any cheap PC mouse into a Paddle controller, just glue a plastic rod extension to the X axis wheel of your mouse, drill a hole on the rear side of the mouse shell to allow the rod extension (shown in White) to reach the outside, glue a plastic knob on the outside, remove the rubber ball and stick a label cover on the bottom to make sure no external light gets inside of it.

I used an empty ink cartdridge from a Bic pen as the Rod extension, Krazy Glue to bond it and an old Genius Mouse model:Easy Mouse. Took me 10 mins. to do it.

If you use Z26 you can press the Tab key to invert the X axis movement.

This is the final result!

The 'knob' actually is a tire from a toy car, I liked it because the surface is rugged and it has more grip to it, the 'knob' is mounted on a screw that is glued to the plastic rod extension inside. Works great!

Have Fun! - Eduardo.


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