consejos ecologicos

  Have ever happen to you, that you traveled a very long distance far away from a crowed city in order to rest and you found a devastated wood and a contaminated river? Or maybe you got to the "Colca" full of illusions and you couldn't see the "Condors" which is specie in serious danger of been extinguish? We are sure you condemn this but believed or not, you are also responsible to not keep this happening. Because of this we present you some advises you should follow in order to make a correct use of the natural resources:
Mounds of garbage to the side of the lagoon Cullicocha: to 4,950 meters on the level of the sea!
Absurdas pintas de alumnos ancashinos, en el camino de Santa Cruz hacia Llanganuco.
Deplorable landscape, mounds of garbage, next to the sacred river of the Urubamba, to few meters of "Aguas Calientes" and of the Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

• Follow the rules stated in the protected natural areas.

• Respect the paths and trails previously established.

• Avoid to make any fire in areas not permitted by the administration.

• Always bring plastic bags for the trash when ever you go out to the campsite and take them to the recycle bin and If you could not find one, take it to the city.

• Avoid disturbing noises specially in areas surrounded by wild animals.

• Do not collect wild species from the flora or fauna in natural reserves protected by the State. Remember there are severed sanctions in this respect.

• Remember that hunting, collection, possession or traffic of wild species and their products from the Amazon area are strictly prohibited.

• Do not buy or carry wild orchids.

There area exceptions regarding some animal species looked as for human consume which are restricted to the subsistence of the local habitants.

*Taken from the "Ecological Encyclopedia of Perú" edited by the newspaper "Expreso".






"The earth where we live is not ours, we have borrowed it from our children."

Boss of the tribe Seattle, Washington.

"Nobody makes a bigger mistake than the one who doesn't make anything because he can only make a few."

Edmund Burke.

"Jóvenes peruanos, dad tregua a la política y dedicaos a conocer vuestro país y los recursos que contiene".

Antonio Raimondi.



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