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Version 1.0 of Yume Pengin Monogatari. This is my first completed project.

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Spanish Translations
Date Title Patch English version
4/1/00 Keru Naguru 0.30 (30%)
2/9/00 Kishi Densetsu 0.23 (23%) Gaijin Productions
3/14/99 Ninja RaHoi 0.15 (dropped) Gaijin Productions
7/24/99 Ogre Battle 0.25 (25%) Used Game Trading Zone
11/2/99 Saint Paradise 1.0 beta (100%)
5/14/00 Splatterhouse 3 0.99 (99%) Used Game Trading Zone
1/19/00 Yume Pengin Monogatari 1.0 (finished) kalevan's Tavern


4/17/99 Duelito (source) Mario vs. Goomba.
9/5/99 NES Programming Guide Make your own demo with this document.
9/5/99 'Nothing' See what can be done with the doc.
10/27/99 Gen-SMS (source) Converts Genesis gfx to edit with Tile Layer
10/14/99 Recap (source) Recalculates pointers of a text block.

The source code of Duelito ('the duel') is more or less explained. You can assemble it with TASM.
If you have ideas for an original simple game, please mail me.

Die, goomba!


This site is no affiliated in any way with videogame companies. I do not condone piracy nor violation of copyrights; but I do believe there are many games that should have been available for us, the Spanish speakers.
I am still spending good amounts of money in buying brand-new games, even if it easier to get pirated ones where I live. And the games in this page are old. Game companies do not get any profit from them any longer.