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Ranko and Balam
(Ranko)-Let us wellcome you, my name is Ranko Hayashibara and my partner Eichi Balam ^_^v.

(Balam)-Thats rigth, and we'll be you hostes in this page especialy make for you, doujinshi-H fan of Ranma 1/2 series created by fabulous Mangaca Rumiko Takahashi.

(Ranko)-Here you will find someones of the best doujinshi in that i appear performing Onna-Ranma....

(Balam)-Someones that i got in my navigations inside the internet, i hope you can enjoy this as much as me......

Before nothing a short explanation:

-Hentai: Japanes word, mean perverted or abnormal, in case of refer to a manga, doujinshi, comic, anime,
cartoons or animation, this mean it has an explicit sexual contents and are adults only.
-H: Abreviation of "Hentai", also called "eichi", (H in japanes pronunciation).
-Doujinshi: japanes word to design  parodies done by amateur mangacas or semiprofesionals to a manga or
anime already know or famous literaly means parody.
-Manga: japanes comic very popular around the world.
-Anime: japanese animation, this word of origin half japanes half english is used to design the japanese
animation this one has a very particular style.
-Mangaca: japanes comic drawer nor creator.

Well, presentation is done, now here are the gallery files:

Ranma X
Ranma X
Forever English
Ranma x/xx
Ranma Wa3
Pussie cat
#17 Japanes

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This 3 files were download from The Ranma 1/2 Hentai Gallery page in this url:
This is one of more bigger Ranma-H pages in all the net that I never visit before, but recently has colapsed and desappeared of the net for a while, now it has return but with a new format and without several files, even that it keep the bigger image gallery.

You can visit this another too, it has some Ranma doujinshis and many others more, is pretty good, here goes the url:

This other url is a page that isn't doujinshi's contents, exept for translation, it was done by a fan of the series, but this are real chapters of manga created by Rumiko Takahashi, anyway is a point less than H chapter so I incloude it here, It's the chapter 23 called "La caña de pescar del amor", enjoy it! this is the url:

If you want drop us some lines by e-mail just clic in the aroba, by the moment Ranko has no e-mail but I'll be happy to give her you message ok?

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